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Once There Was A Snowman

OnceThereWasASnowman Quilt

I’ve had my first finish for March with Once There Was a Snowman.  As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m thinking that I’m several months early with this Christmas quilt, rather than 3 months late.  It’s all about context, in my life.  This was my attempt at being wonky.  Not a favorite thing to do, I must admit.  I’ve made quilt blocks that are wonky sewing as well, and really, I just can’t find the attraction in all of this sewing random strips together, trimming at weird angles, sewing some more.  I wasn’t attracted to it in the first place, but you really can’t judge a process until you’ve done it.  So I did it, and can now safely say: not my favorite, as Johnny Depp said in the movie Chocolate, as he instead preferred other kinds of chocolate.  Just like I prefer other kinds of assembling a quilt.

OnceThereWasASnowman backing

But it will be fun to set it out for Christmas and have the house all festive.  I used a Kate Spain snowflake-on-red fabric for the backing, piecing it carefully to match the design and so no seam would be apparent.

OnceThereWasASnowman Label

My quilter zipped out this very cute ornament design for me.  I used Superior’s variegated blue King Tut thread for the quilting.  In hindsight, maybe white would have been better on top, but that’s the game in quilting, I think.  Always learning, always learning.

Snowman Quilting

 I have to admit that being a part of the great Finish-A-Long, hosted by Leanne of She Can Quilt really helped motivate me.  Now on to the next one!

FinishALong Button

Update: Original Finish-A-Long post is *here.*

6 thoughts on “Once There Was A Snowman

  1. I love it but then I love improv piecing (hate that word wonky). It will be a fun quilt to have for the holidays and congratulations on the finish. I am glad the FAL is helping.

  2. I love your quilt Elizabeth! I don’t do ‘wonky’ (or improv!) well either. I put it down to my need for order and structure in my life! But that suits me fine!

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