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Fat Quarter Shop Dreaming

FatQtrDreamingJune2013My fabulous sisters sent me a Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate for my recent birthday and I’ve had the most fun dreaming about what to buy.  I think I’ve clicked on every category in their online shop at one time or another, but after picking out my purchases (one was that Noteworthy charm pack in the lower right), I went onto their “What’s Coming” section to see what I can look forward to.  Here’s my list:

Ashbury Heights, by Dookikey Designs–I read her on Instagram and am happy to see that I like her upcoming line, with a modern twist, but different colors.  Like all of us, I trend towards medium brights in my purchasing, and I like that she has some lights and darks in her line.

Madhuri, by The Quilter Fish–These are many of my favorite colors.  Love the Far East references.

I need Christmas fabrics like I need a hole in the head, but that hasn’t ever stopped me before. I’m not really in the market for anything holiday, but I’m a total fan of Martha Negley, so just had to look at her Poinsettia and Holly line.

The Boo Crew–what can I say, but that’s it’s very cute.  And the fact that it has text (one of my “traps” in buying–but not just any text–I have to personally like it) and is by Sweetwater, also recommends it.  I know lots of lines have a fabric with words and writing on it, but like anything in life, there’a “bell curve” as to how useable it is.  And if I want to give up shelf space in my stash to house it.

2wenty Thr3e, byt Eric and Julie Comstock–Okay, all text fanatics, here’s a good set. Their traditional picture is below, but I can’t quite tell what the base color is: grey-ish beige (photo below)?, or a true cream (middle stack in above image)?

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 11.42.55 AM

Thesaurus, by Thomas Knauer–I saved part of my gift certificate to buy this when it lands this spring.  I loved Thomas Knauer’s first line of fabric, then was so-so about the next two.  This one looks like it will be another winner, if you ask me.  (And yes, the fact that it’s named Thesaurus doesn’t hurt.)

Last one is Return to Atlantis, by Jason Yenter.  I used his wintery line for a Christmas quilt I did a couple of years ago, and liked the quality of fabric.  While I said Madhuri has all my favorite colors, this does too–only it’s as if you added black to the Madhuri line, or lightened up the Atlantis line.

So strolling through all of this made me wonder: do we let the materials of the artist determine the picture?  Do paint artists see a certain blue in the paint store and run home to throw it all over their canvas?  I think not.  So do you think that quilters should let a certain line determine the quilt they are going to make?  I’ve done this–my Harvesting the Wind quilt came about because of a stack of their fabric and a desire to make a quilt after a tile from Portugal I’d seen on Flickr.

Many days the trend pulls quilters one way, as I saw with January’s Scrappy Trip-A-Long quilts. We love groups, quilt-a-longs, tutorials, Moda’s bake shop, and so on.  And I remember the brou-ha-ha over Emily Cier’s quilt out of Kate Spain fabrics (have we forgiven Ms. Spain yet?)–this came about because the quilt was exclusively made from Spain’s fabrics, and yet — -if you noticed the above post — I’m falling into the rut?  trap? groove? of shopping complete lines of one designer’s fabric, rather than considering the artistic impulse, figuring out what I want to do and pulling fabrics from my collection to suit the artistic vision I have. I’ve learned that while a designer’s fabric line may prompt me to plunge into a quilt, if I don’t begin with the block and my layout first, the fabric tends to sit on my shelf because I’m buying THEIR vision, not my own.

But it’s still fun to dream.



I went to Road to California — the quilt show — last weekend.  Photos coming soon.

5 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Shop Dreaming

  1. I’m looking forward to your Road to California post! I enjoyed the quilt photos on Instagram.

    I just finished a quilt with 23…I mixed in some Moda Bella Snow…a creamy off-white that looked wonderful with it.

  2. Ha! Looks like we’ve all got the bug. I tend to have a really hard time buying ALL of one line of fabric or using only one line in a quilt. I loved the egg prints from one of Thomas knauer’s lines, but don’t recall being blown away by the rest. I will look up his new line tho, looks good from your pic! I did get a Chicopee design roll, but still diluted it out 2:1 with my stash, lol. Wish I’d gone for the FQ bundle though, the one jelly roll didn’t go too far! I’ve been eying Pam Kitty’s stuff, just precious.

  3. Lucky lucky you to have a gift certificate. While the fabric bundles from designers is sure tempting, I’ve only used a complete line once. Last year I made a quilt from Moda’s Tradewinds. Loved the end result but it’s not something I’d do often. More of a pick and choose my favs kind of approach which more than likely will include Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

  4. I have been way too guilty of falling for and buying an entire line, esp. of designers I really like. However, with an overflowing stash, now, I tend to pick and choose and then mix what I have together. It’s all part of that OCD thing where I like to be fully stocked because once I start working on something I like to have all my options available. I have stopped looking at “coming soon” sections – sometimes it’s all just more of the same!

  5. I love your dreams and ideas! And I can’t wait for your RdtoCA post. I’ve gone the last 2 years in a row but had to skip this year because I was out of town. So now I have to enjoy the fun through eveyone’s blog posts about it, LOL!!

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