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iPad Quilt Drawings

I’ve been quite curious to see if I could use any of the iPad’s apps to draw quilts, or even attempt to draw anything.  I had fallen in love with the press for Pages, and spent quite a bit of time looking at reviews of that.  I also typed in Penultimate vs. Noteshelf (mainly because I kept seeing that app mentioned) and to find a review that talked about the latest upgrade, I had to keep clicking away.

I have the following productivity apps, as they are called sometimes, because you’re supposed to be productive when you use them (links are to websites that reviewed them or to the developer’s site):

Pages–used mainly for word processing documents; can be sent to your email as a PDF or Word document
Cloud-on–have not even opened it up yet, but it’s supposed to function like Pages, yet you can save documents to a Dropbox folder (one drawback of Pages is that you cannot save to Dropbox)
Notability–I have no clue how to use this yet, but an up-and-coming young man at church recommended it; he uses it all the time in his business
Penultimate–I purchased this because they talked about its ability to draw and to use it like one of the Moleskin notebooks.  I envisioned sitting under a tree with a great landscape in the distance, sketching away.  Right.
Noteshelf--has more pens, more papers, and the possibility of buying more papers.  I liked that they had different thicknesses of pens (one is a marker-tip and one is a fine-tip), and more colors.  The use was fairly intuitive for me, but I’m pretty used to Macs, Apple machines and their programs, having had a Mac around the house since the mid-1980s (yes, I’m that much of an Apple geek).

But even though I’m supposed to be “productive” I was more interested in the play aspect, specifically for quilting.  Here’s my first attempt:

Hmmm. New frontier, indeed.  In the above image, I drew shapes with a fine-tip pen, colored them in with a marker, took a photo of my iPad cover and popped it down into the image (resizing it to the size of one of my “blocks”) and then handwrote some notes as I was sitting in the airplane on the way to see my parents; it was turbulent all the way.  Yes, I used a stylus–went to Wal-Mart and picked one up–and I like the way it writes.

This visual is from Beautiful Designs/Gadget Tech website, which has a fairly in-depth comparison of the three programs, but here you can see that the same person produces three different types of script, depending on the program.

But on the way home, the plane ride was more smooth and I had about 90 minutes to really play around.  I needed it to be WAAAAY more capable than the silly sketch above, because although messiness has its virtues, I needed precision.

So I loaded up a grid paper (be sure to take the time to do the tutorial–it’s seventeen pages, but you’ll need all that info to even get started) and tried to draw a representation of the windows of the Ogden City Hall–an interesting proportion.  Then I “drew” a rectangle around it, copied it and became an object I could paste anywhere on the page.  Using the little buttons on the side of the object, I could rotate it and set it into place.

When you have no idea where you’re going, anywhere will do.  I practiced this technique, varying where I put the quilt block/object until I’d built myself a “quilt.”  Since my quilt block was uneven, I left some spaces in places for interest.  I haven’t figured out much since I arrived home as I plowed into grading pretty heavily, but I have to admit I was fairly encouraged by this initial foray into trying to draw a quilt.

Obviously the lines are a bit wobbly as the pen can’t “snap” to the grid like it can in my quilt program, and there’s no preset templates for triangles, etc.  But I feel I could make a reasonable stab at this.  And if I were a programmer, I’d try to develop a quilting app that actually drew quilts, not just told me about how much yardage I need to buy.

Have any of you experimented with this?  What have you come up with?

2 thoughts on “iPad Quilt Drawings

  1. Lynne at Lily’s Quilts has been doing tutorials for Touchdraw for the iPad. It is a nice program for quilt blocks.

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