WIP Wednesday

I went to see my mother and father over the weekend, and it’s taken me until now to catch up.  The visit was well worth it, however, as there’s always something interesting and unique that’s happening at their house.

Like Dad’s painting of the Sideways Man in his painting studio.  My father keeps a journal of his inspiration and creative journeys, and this was inspired by an advertisement in the New York Times for a series of lamps–a woman was lying down underneath the hanging globes.

And fragrant lilacs in bloom. I grew up with these flowers and they are some of my favorites.  Only certain varieties will grow in our quasi-desert climate. The bush I planted once was not one of those varieties.

Scenery from a mountain trail just behind their house.

Still working on my EPP Rose blocks.  This is the fourth one and I’m almost done.  (That’s why it’s known as  Work In Progress.)

My mother showed me a quilt shop I never knew existed in their town.  Gardiner’s Quilt Shop, and look for a post on it later.  I guess I’ve forgiven Kate Spain, because there’s some of her fabric at the end–those gorgeous flowers in periwinkle and blue.

This is a new project, to sandwich in between the grading of my last two papers (research papers come in on Monday!), making the back for Scrappy Stars and getting that pinned as I’m pretty sure I want to quilt it myself.  This summer.  After school ends.  And Jury Duty (yes, the week after school gets out).

My son and his family went to Hawaii and they were smart folks and DIDN’T bring me back a T-shirt.  Instead Kristen spent “about an hour in some shop,” according to my son, and picked out these bundles of fat eighths for me to enjoy.

A veritable Hawaiian garden growing up in my fabric stash!  Thanks!

And many thanks to Lee, of Freshly Pieced Fabrics for hosting this WIP Wednesday, a weekly event in my life, reminding me I DO know how to blog and write and talk quilts. Head back over there to see what everyone else is working on.

Happy Quilting!

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Do I ever love your father’s painting!

    Nice that you have people that will skip the tshirt and bring you fat quarters! I have been trying to get people to either bring me nothing or if they insist, get me playing cards or something edible. Never thought of fabric, though… Cool beans.

  2. So glad you had a nice visit with your folks, the pictures were lovely. I too love lilacs – the prettiest ones I ever saw were on Anderson Island, off of Seattle. We were staying in a B & B there and they grew up to the 2nd floor bedroom where we slept. The scent waifed through the windows and it was heavenly!

    I loved your Hawaiin fabrics, I am working on a hand applique, Hawaiin quilt right now. I am really enjoying the handwork in the evenings. I guess that’s how you feel about your English Paper Piecing. It’s nice to be able to enjoy so many aspects of our passion – I’d call it a hobby, but that doesn’t seem to come close to how I feel about quilting and my quilting friends.

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