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WIP–Still Those Scrappy Stars

They’re going to drive me crazy.

Like Leila, who left me a comment, I could see that the greens read like a solid, which is what these stars needed.

But after a visit here, I am rethinking this.  I guess I should reveal at this point that I am a Charter Member of the Thinking-About-Quilts-Obsessively Club.  By the way, self-help groups are forming.  Check back for dates and times.

Which led to this.

And another couple of stars.  I decided that I just couldn’t live with two of them.  Call them my Stars-with-Training-Wheels Stars. And I’m not going to tell you what I’ve decided to do.  Check back for the reveal.

I graded all the students’ papers today during their test, as I wanted to give them immediate feedback on how their research essay is going.  (And I didn’t want any grading this weekend.)  But even though I don’t have to grade, I do have to evaluate nine different textbooks for the new class I’m teaching in fall, as book orders are due May 1st.  Yes, you read that right.  Because of cutbacks to the budget, our community college has cancelled all summer school courses, and it’s very likely that no staff will be working.  So I have to set the direction within two weeks for the course I will teach in four months.

You can see why I’ve been fixated on getting this quilt off the wall.  I have a life to live that doesn’t involve cutting up diamonds out of cloth.  The bright side of this upcoming switch is that I can now make a quilt completely out of diamonds.  I felt so peaceful when I wrote that last post, and fairly floated to bed, Zen-like.  Smugness goeth before a fall.  And that fall came after I’d cut up all my precious Japanese fabric and placed it on the wall.  It was at this point that my husband walked in and said “Gee, you really can’t see those stars, can you?”  I just looked at him, because as a scientist, he tells it like he sees it (and yes,  I’ve learned never to ask him “Does this dress make me look fat?”).  Of course, he was right.  After he left, I turned my back on the quilt and graded my brains out on Tuesday, among other things.

Today after school I went to Ginger’s Quilt Shop (I’ll blog about them later).  I just needed to talk to someone about what was going on.  This is where a brick-and-mortar shop is so valuable over online shopping (although I do both).  The woman there laid out several bolts, talked to me about what I was seeing, and then disappeared down an aisle and came back bearing The One.  The stars sang.  I sang (inside).  We all smiled and grinned, as by now we’d pulled in another quilter or two in the shop for their input.  I pulled out my credit card, and yes, at this point, I’ve cut out more diamonds.

Thanks to Lee, of Freshly Pieced Fabrics, you are getting this long tale of woe. . . and triumph!  Check over there for more lovely quilts in progress.

7 thoughts on “WIP–Still Those Scrappy Stars

  1. Your quilt is amazing! It is no wonder you are obsessed. Can I join? Between making quilts and now beginning some doll clothes for my grandaughters, I have difficulty sleeping. There are not enough hours in the day, I’d rather sew than eat or sleep, all those sayings. I totally understand and isn’t life just wonderful!

  2. oh yay! so so glad you got some feedback and figured it out. good. it hadn’t occurred to me that my “call it like i see it” trait might have something to do with my science background. interesting! my mother is that way too 😀

  3. It’s your passion I love so much. If you decide to raffle the quilt I’ll be first in line. As for a scientist who cuts to the quick with no malintent, he’s a blessing in disguise. Have a fun creative day among the textbooks.

  4. Oh no! After cutting out the diamonds? I can’t wait to see what you ended up picking though and the Japanese diamonds will make a beautiful diamond quilt on their own.

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