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Scrap Attack Quilt

Today, over at Stitched in Color, Rachel is having a Scrap Attack Festival of Quilts.  Here’s my entry.

It’s a mini-quilt, roughly about the size of a sheet of paper: 8 1/2″ by 11″ and it spells out the word LOVE.  You’ve seen it before, as I started this last month about the same time I started my Scrappy Stars quilt, which is still up on the pinwall.

Like any good distracted, slightly ADHD creative type, I am really good at thinking up new projects, as that proverbial red herring is dragged across my original trail and I veer off to follow that idea or thought or whatever.  This spring’s been especially bad for this, perhaps because of my twenty minutes of cancer (which somehow seems to have permanently altered my thinking) or because I am not totally immersed in my job, gazing out my window as the wisteria blossoms when I should be grading Grammar Groups.  Or maybe because I’m approaching a phase of life when I am forced to choose between my activities because of lagging energy (I can hear my parents and brothers laughing when I say this because they believe I have always had too much energy–okay, so maybe it’s just down to a more normal level) and a refocusing of aims and goals.  It’s all very complicated in my head, but I try to unscramble it occasionally.

So, I knew that I wouldn’t finish the Scrappy Stars.  So, in order to have something to show for Rachel’s festival, I went small.  I went Do-In-A-Day.  I went easy, paper pieced.  I went to LOVE.  It now hangs above my computer.  I think at some point I may come back to it and add some embroidery stitching, maybe a button or two, but for now, it hangs there, as a testament of staying the course, albeit a mini-course.  I’ll take it.

6 thoughts on “Scrap Attack Quilt

  1. So sweet. Don’t your scraps remind you of the original quilt they live in or on what fabric shopping adventure they came home with you? I also find that I remember the books that I listened to while I quilted some quilts. All those memories in just a little scrap of fabric.

  2. Our goals change as we age. You post means alot to me. And the greatest of these is LOVE. Those without it, well, just loose so much in life. I think we all should have those words over wherever we abide the most. Your mini quilt inspires me to make the same. Thank you.

  3. elizabeth – i can’t beleive i missed that post regarding cancer – so sorry – i remember reading about the surgery, but assumed you didn’t want to say what it was – what a numptie i am…..life does change – it doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes with the big c, or hours – just listen to your heart – one thing i took from my brush with the same is that life is way too short, so i try and focus on ‘getting busy living’ – and maybe it’s time for a change or 2 in your life – let go and enjoy 🙂

    1. I love the love quilt. I am glad you are sorting things out and feeling better (albeit with different energy). And I am especially glad you are feeling better.

  4. I love your LOVE mini! Aren’t those letters fun? I used them for my Ruby quilt and think I should make a little LOVE mini for my sewing room. I think we need to plan some sewing time together. That would be good therapy.

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