Winners! of Superior Thread Leap Day Giveaway

Many thanks to all who entered the thread giveaway. 

All of the names are listed below–you guys are pretty amazing.  I’m going to suggest to Superior that if they ever need a thread color named, I know just where to send them.  I just couldn’t decide so finally my husband took me out for dinner, helped me pour over all the excellent entries and helped me select two.  But I bumped it up to three. Could have bumped it up to about a hundred.

The three winners are: Diane, who chose Tangelina and made me think of that leg that’s been all over the news; Judy, who picked Princess Sunkissed, that made me think of all those sunny-colored oranges that my friend has been bringing to me; and Gwen, for Marmalady, a clever twist on a name that several suggested. I’ll be in touch via email.  And yes, while I only offered two prizes, I’ll think up something fun (thread-wise) for the third winner.

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Leap Day Superior Thread Giveaway

The lovely lady leaping is not me (aw, shucks), but is Allessandra Hamlin, from a websearch.

Today is the long-awaited Leap Day Superior Threads Giveaway!

Ten of us have joined together in this endeavor.  I hope you will visit them all (listed at the end of this post) and win a bunch of thread today–enough to keep you leaping into quilting for now and for a long time.  We are giving away a total of 35 spools, all courtesy of the Superior Thread Company.

Here’s what I am giving away today:

Three Spools of The Bottom Line, a superb thread for quilting

And two other spools: one of King Tut in my favorite colorway, and another of The Bottom Line.

And because I don’t think that orange should go anywhere without a chaperone, I’m adding a little bundle of fat eighths to keep it company.

I’ve experienced quite a lot of thread in my sewing life.  I started with cotton, used silk and cotton in college while working on my degree in Clothing and Textiles, endured the first wave of polyester thread, and the shredding of combination threads in my machine.   The first decent polyester thread I used was by a German company, and I continued to buy whatever was in the fabric store that matched what I was sewing.  But one day, while at a quilt show, I noticed a newcomer onto the scene: Superior Threads.

I bought some of their thread and the thread was perfect for creating the effect needed for a winter scene.  I learned to step up to a size 14 topstitch needle and to learn to play with my upper tension settings, loosening them, some which I learned from their website, which has TONS of information about threads, as well as tips and tricks for a happy sewing outcome.  Not only does thread have to suit the artistic challenges of what I have in mind, I also need it to perform well.  In other words, I don’t want to have to think about it–I just want to sew. But on my next quilt, I was struggling to get the balance right between the top and bobbin threads: The Bottom Line to the rescue, purchased at my local quilt shop. This slightly finer thread did the trick for me.

This is the King Tut, color #916, quilted into my giant summer flowers Lakehouse quilt.  I had to sew across many different colors and this colorway did the trick. You’ve already read about Be My Valentine, and how I used King Tut on the top and The Bottom Line in the bobbin.

So join in the fun!

To win one of the two giveaways above — either the three spools of The Bottom Line (which is also great for applique, too) or King Tut, his Lady Love in tangerine and the fat-eighth chaperone — leave me a comment and a make up a name for King Tut’s Lady Love.  You can indicate in the comments which giveaway you’d rather have. I’ll close the giveaway on Saturday, March 3rd at 8:00 p.m. PST, and announce the winner that evening, along with the new name for King Tut’s tangerine Lady Love.

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