Just Painting

I’ve not been quilting, because we’ve been painting the house.  Back soon.

Read more *here,* especially the wearying story of Choosing the Colors.  Right now I’m working on the front door color and am leaning toward Million Dollar Red.

I miss the cloth under my fingers, but tonight’s Quilt Night with my buddies, so I hope to work on the Halloween House.  Especially since Halloween’s come and gone.  But that’s my life lately!

2 thoughts on “Just Painting

  1. Sometimes we gotta take a break and work on other projects! I’d love to paint my house. It’s white right now but I’m thinking a dusty navy blue with white trim, and a deep brick red door and foundation. *Sigh* it makes me so happy thinking about it, but the work and money required make it a “in the future” project. Look forward to finished pics of your lovely fresh coat of paint!

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