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Flourish of Inspiration

I recently started reading blogs again after an interruption of our trip to Montreal, and enjoyed looking at everyone’s projects and writing.  But I often wonder if by “enclosing” myself in this online community I don’t become in a loop after a while.  I mean, we love to imitate, collaborate, make things alongside one another and if we do this all the time, doesn’t it become a little stuffy in here, and don’t we need to air out the room a bit?  I don’t have answers to these questions as many of my favorite quilts have been made in homage to another quilter’s vision I saw on a blog, so obviously I endorse that approach.

And someone once said there is nothing new under the sun.  On a related note, if anything we do is more than 10% away from what is familiar, we tend to shy away from that.  Given all this, how do quilters insert new ideas into their work?  Fabrics? Quilt Groups?  Trips to quilt shows?

Occasionally you just need a day out, seeing something really different.  Here’s a gallery of shots of my latest field trip.

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6 thoughts on “Flourish of Inspiration

  1. Wow, this makes me want to update my wardrobe. Nothing I ahve can compare in any way to these, um, gowns. Time for a shopping trip?

  2. You do need a freshening up occasionally! And this looks like it was the place to do it. These images are definitely airing out my brain! I love the break with the traditional fabrics and design. Quite outstanding. I’d like to have seen the costumes as worn in their operas!

  3. Catching up on reading your blog, and I thought hard about what you said about limiting ourselves within the quilt blogging community. Maybe somewhat: color combinations and fabric choices specially for me. At the same time I love that people have such different visions for what to do with their fabric, and how to do it. So I guess it all evens out in the end!

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