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Quilt Night–Fright Night!

Leisa and I hosted Quilt Night again–a fairly regular first-Friday monthly event for our group.  Tonight’s theme: Fright Night! and Leisa had some really fun treats and decorations, like witch’s shoes, caldrons, bubbling-over vases of black flowers (atop the cookie stand) and spider-topped cookies.

She’d put together little favors for us, along with ghost pops and cake pops; I brought the savory in the form of bruschetta and crostini and some pumpkin cake as well.  We quilted and ate and chatted.

The fabulous feathered witch’s hat that arched over everything.

Our favors.  We’d picked up the little jars from the Temecula Quilt Company and Leisa adorned them with ribbons and spiders.

We had two new quilters: Caitlin (on the right) and Deneese (in the middle) who brought licorice caramels that were delicious. Okay, Deneese.  We all want the recipe!  Karen, on the left,  holds Deneese’s new little boy.

Leisa passes around the caramels.

More quilters arrive: Chantal, her mother JoDy (chewing on a caramel?), and Tracy.

We set up the table for our fat quarter exchange, along with the Halloween House handout, plus some flyers.  Yes, that really is a Burger Boss flyer you see there–it’s a yummy gourmet hamburger shop that has opened near us.

Gee, maybe we should get busy and start quilting.  Chantal works on her first quilt (see later in the post for photos).

Leisa’s got some plans for the stack of things she’s working on and no, you can’t ask questions near Christmas time.  We’ll show you later.

JoDy’s working on a Christmas quilt, too.

And Jean continues working her flying geese patches for the quilt shown behind her.

We break for Show N’Tell, and first up is JoDy’s purse, all ruffled and cute.  Many commented on my purse, but you’ve all seen that one.

She’d also finished up this Lakehouse Quilt–I love this quilt! It’s nice and bright and those fabrics really pop.

She’d also finished this Christmas quilt, made from a kit (Jean’s also doing this one).  JoDy said it took her about three years to finish this–she toted the squares wherever she went–and then finished up the quilting on her long-arm machine.


Jean went next, showing off a quilt that she’d done in a desert retreat, sponsored by a local quilt shop.  It’s a mystery quilt, and I think it’s beautiful.  She also finished it on her long-arm machine.

Close-up of Jean and her quilt.  The fabric had shoes all over it, and her quilting (hard to see in this photo) also had shoes everywhere.

This is a quilt top that she also did in one of the desert retreats.  I like the interlocking and interplay of the blues and browns.  Another mystery quilt.

Laurel, who insisted that she takes terrible photos (although I disagree because she is lovely through and through) held up her quilt that had its genesis in our dotty fat quarter exchange in January.  It’s a wedding quilt for her son and his wife, and I’d treasure this if I were to receive it!

My daughter Barbara (on the right) arrived just at the beginning of Show and Tell.  She’s here visiting me for the weekend and had to settle her three little children in bed before she could leave them in Grandpa’s care and come over.  It was really fun to have her there–she’s exceptionally talented as well, but not a self-professed quilter, although she has made several.

My clever friend Tracy went next.  And why is she so clever?  She has the most wonderful design for scraps.

One day, wanting to use up her scraps, she cut them into a lot of little pieces and starting sewing them together in nine-patches.  I’d say those nine-patch blocks measure 4 1/2″ across?  I’ll check with her.  Just sew sew sew.  Lights and darks in a traditional nine-patch block.  When she had a billion of them completed, she set about to put them together into a quilt.

She tried nine-patch, with the blocks arranged in a “double-nine-patch” arrangement, but she said it became all “mushy” and you couldn’t see the blocks.  She she worked out this one: four in the middle surrounded by twelve blocks in a contrasting color and/or value.

Detail of her top so far.  Sometimes she uses a contrasting value: like pink with darker reds.  Sometimes it’s a contrasting color, like the blue centers with the golden yellow blocks surrounding that.  I love this quilt! She gave me permission to blog about it.  When I had finished with my colorwash quilt (think 1990s) and had all those teensy 1 1/2″ blocks left stacked up by value in six different pizza boxes, she took them, cut light fabric fabrics in little squares and made a wonderful postage stamp quilt.

Here’s Chantal with her quilt.  Tonight she was working on satin-stitching around the petals of her flowers.

Here’s the full quilt.  Lovely and beautiful and hard to believe it’s her first!

And what did I do, besides eat those sweets and take photos and visit?  Karen and I took some of those Halloween fat quarters and we cut out our Halloween Houses.  At the end of the night, here’s mine:

I fussy-cut the doorway to show off a trick-or-treater from one of the fabrics.  Only three more to go and then I’ll have a Halloween House quilt–hopefully by Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Quilt Night–Fright Night!

  1. OH MY! I have so much to say lol. AMAZING quilts, they all look so wonderful, each and every one. That scrap quilt does not look like a scrap quilt! LOVE the lakehouse quilt – so bright! and also the gingerbread block. Your halloween house is so cute too, love that you fussy cut the trick or treater. I wanna make one! Maybe a table runner… that would be doable 😀

    I wish I had this much space and some quilty friends so we could do things like this! I did go to my first quilt guild meeting last week, tho. So in due time, right?! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow! Your halloween house is adorable! And I AM making one of those scrap quilts–it is genius!! Gorgeous decorations and the food looks yummy. That star quilt in the rainbow colors is to die for.

    Um….can I drive down and attend one of these quilt-ins some time? Please??

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