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Finishing School Friday

No, not THAT kind of finishing school, but the kind where you get something done–something that won’t be UN-done, and say “Yay!  I finished something!”

I told my husband that I needed to go to Finishing School today, and so I did.

You’ve heard of Northern Lights?  Well meet Southern Brights–as in the southwest section of our nation.  We like brights, and this bundle from Fabricworm was so fun and cheery that I couldn’t resist adding a few more to make a Bento Box quilt.

This fabric, Round Robin, reminds me of the digital game Angry Birds, with their little round birds flying through the air.

I took it to the quilter today, so I could say: I finished a quilt top, sewed up the back and got it to the quilter!

What have you finished, this fine Friday?  So often in our listing of Works in Progress (which I love reading, by the way), we focus on the incomplete, those tasks that still remain heaped around our shoulders like heavy stones.  And if you’re like me, you might tend to interpret every new fabric stash purchase as adding more weight to that burden.  So I think it’s nice to be able to say–DONE!–even if the quilt itself isn’t done, this part is.

Here is a page out of a terrific book I have that is not used enough.  (And yes, I know where it is.)  It has a column of little pink boxes along the left side of the page, lines in the middle and drawing space–blank space–on the right.  The pages are perforated in case the user wants to tear them out.  It’s called Project Planner and it is made by Pen-Tab.  I did a Google search on it (couldn’t find it), because while I am a totally digital sort of person and can make loads of computer-generated To Do Lists, there’s something so cathartic and lovely about writing down a list of steps to do next to cute little pink boxes.  And there’s also something so lovely about being to put checkmarks in those cute little pink boxes.  The above page is for my daughter and son-in-law’s quilt that I made them for Christmas a few years ago.  I like looking at this page on those days when I feel surrounded by the Undone and feel like The Undead as I try to muster up some energy to clear the desk.

So, what can you point to this Finishing School Friday (FSF)?  Decided on a quilt?  Chosen some fabric?  Completed a block?  Or two?  Stitched a few of them together? If you are so inclined, leave a comment with your blog address showing what you’ve finished, even if it is so little as “doodled up a quilt sketch during a meeting.” Celebrate the Completed.

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