Quilt Shops

Piper’s Quilts and Comforts, Salt Lake City

When we were up in Utah over the holidays, I stopped by Piper’s Quilts and Comforts in Salt Lake City.  It’s in an area of the city known as Sugarhouse, not too far from where my husband lived as a teenager.  It’s housed in an old home, on 1944 South 1100 East and their phone number is (801) 484-5890.

The front porch had two quilts hanging from it–one was this very clever one of different colors of snowboots for skiing.

The other was this frilly and fun apron quilt with cool scalloped edges.

Open–come on in!

The first thing I noticed was another quilt, hanging on the back of the apron quilt, framed by little hanging baby shoes.

I asked for permission to take photographs–always a good idea.  This makes me wish I had babies again (almost).

The main room is filled with bolts of fabrics, books, yarn and on the back wall–a display of old hats–an homage to the woman who used to live here (I think–my notes/brain is fuzzy on this one).

More fabrics in the room on the other side of the stairs, and I found this shop a pleasant place to be on this cold, rainy day.

I thought using a tub and a sink was a clever way to showcase goods and trims.

More fabric bolts.  The young woman who helped me said they’d just had a huge sale, but I still found things I wanted to buy.

I love those applique blocks on a red background!

A Christmas tree quilt up on the side wall, near the cutting table.  It’s always fun to see shops all festive for the seasons.

To the right of the Christmas tree quilt, was this window of blocks (detail on right) that the shop owner was making.  Great inspiration–I think it would be fun to string blocks that I’d complete in a clothesline fashion like this.  (Melissa over at ISLY blog has a tutorial that might work for me.)

I just washed up some of the fabric I bought there–in preparation for the Lollypop quilt I’m making with my friend Rhonda.  My husband went with me on this little expedition, but slipped out to wander through the shop across the street: 10,000 Villages–one of his favorites.  I was happy with that because it left me more time for browsing.  I enjoyed it all, and hope to come back next time I’m in town!

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