Quilt Night–Jan 2010

Our little quilting group (which at one point had the name of Good Heart Quilters) got together for our first time in the new year.  It was at my house, so I got to snap the photos.

The newest quilter first!  Sara is new to our group and new to quilting and for her first project has decided to cut up her sons’ shirts and make a one-patch.  I love memory quilts, and think this will be a great project for her.

Dots were everywhere tonight, perhaps because of the stash builder we did in November.

Laurel took the ones we passed out then, added to what she’d been collecting, and made this terrific square.

There will be four in the quilt when she’s done; she worked on the yellow one tonight.  She and I both found out that it doesn’t take much to collect a lot of dots.

I was working on a dotty quilt, too, but am paper piecing arcs to make large circles.  Laurel and Lisa coached me through my first steps.  I mean, we all know how to paper piece, but when you pick it up again, there’s always this bit of confusion–not helped by the fact that I had a birthday recently.

Tracy’s raw-edge applique circles-onto-squares will be completed soon as she’s speedy.  What kind of fabrics? Dots!

We were all in awe of Karen’s bargello heart–a project she’s been steadily working on for a while.  That’s the beauty of Quilt Night–we all catch up with each other and we all get a chance to pull out our quilting and stitch for a while.

Because of my birthday, Leisa brought me a cake.  So, I made them all pose for a shot.  We’ve been doing quilt night in one form or another for about 10 years, and the composition of our group has changed over that time, with some quilters pausing to do other things, and new quilters joining in.

Leisa and Lisa.  Lisa just got her machine back out of the shop, so she worked on quilting a panel for some pillows.  Lisa brought Dr. Seuss fabric that many of us wanted to steal–she’s got two more grandsons to be born this year so that fabric will be perfect.

Jean missed November’s Quilt Night because she was on a polar bear expedition (photographing them)–it sounded fascinating–but she got right back into the swing of things and cut all evening.  I have a fold-up table similar to hers and it really saves the back when doing lots of cutting.

Jody worked steadily on pillows to match the quilt she had made for her daughter. One thing we were all talking about is our local quilt show, Road to California, which is coming up in a couple of weeks and we were seeing who was going which day.  None of us are taking classes this year. We’ll just be shopping, I guess.

Leisa, Tauni and Laurel visit while working.  That’s Martinelli’s there on the tray, along with delicious birthday cake (we thrive on caffeine, not the liquid bubbly).  Some of the quilters were missing, but hopefully we’ll see them next time.  Tracy, Tauni and I worked for a while, talking late into the night.  I think we solved just about all the world’s problems, so we wrapped it up until next time.


Late addition: I worked all day off and on, and completed the paper piecing for one circle.  Now’s there’s eight more to go!

(I’m trying to make the quilt below.)

(Wish me luck.)

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