How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation

Some have asked what I’ve been doing lately.

First, I did all those things I left undone during the last two semesters of teaching school, even finding some un-read Christmas cards in the basket as I went through them. And one bill.

I read the middle third of my father’s memoir, edited it, and went up to Utah to visit him. I read the last third of his memoir, edited it and am headed up there on Sunday to visit with him.

I gave a talk in church.

I had some home renovations performed.

I had the five floorboards replaced where they dropped the counter slab tear-out.

I cleaned up after all the workmen (not a sexist term; I promise they were all men).

I made this:

And this:

And a couple of other things, like a skirt (which I have to fix a bit) and stuff.

How’s your summer vacation going?