About OPQuilt and Elizabeth E.

This is the quilting, sewing and clothing & textile blog of Elizabeth Eastmond, along with writing about quilting-related topics found as I navigate the patchwork world.  Recently retired from teaching English at the local community college, I can now quilt full-time, write full-time, but do housecleaning only occasionally. While earning a graduate degree in Creative Writing, I majored in Clothing and Textiles in college, earning an AS degree in Clothing and Construction. My husband and I like to travel and have 11 grandchildren.

I am available for teaching classes in the local Southern California area.  I also can present some of my 165+ quilts in a trunk show for guilds, and can teach a class in conjunction with that.  Some of my trunk show themes are: Quilt Abecedary; Making Your Quilt Unique in a Cookie Cutter World; From Here to There:  a Quilting Journey, An Undercover Traditional Modern Quilter, Colorwheel of Quilts, Art Quilts for the Non-Artist, The Influence of Technology on Quilting (including, but not limited to) Social Media, Software and Quilting Hardware, but programs can be adapted for your guild’s needs and preferences.  Please contact me for availability and fees.

Since I’ve been quilting for several decades, I have mastered a raft of skills: applique, embroidery, wool work, piecing, designing, free-motion quilting, mid-size machine quilting, hand-stitching, English Paper-Piecing, modern quilting, and paper piecing.  In other words, I have a multi-skill approach to quilts.

Contact Information
email: opquilt@gmail.com
Instagram: occasionalpieceqquilt
blog: http://www.opquilt.com


Plitvice ESE

(taken in Plitvice National Park, Croatia)

Quilting done on a domestic sewing machine