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Wealth of Days • Quilt Finish

Wealth of Days
Quilt no. 247
57″ wide by 70 1/2″ high

From my journal
9 January 2019: “Here we go again. Today I had rotator cuff repair surgery on the right arm. My little joke is that I only have two arms, so after this one is over with, I have no more shoulders to operate on.”

18 January 2019: “A dark day. But I was able to shower and dress myself, all the way, by myself. I also made the bed.”

24 January 2019: “Dave took me to Road to California today, where I saw Cindy and Janice and all three of my quilts. After about 90 minutes, I said I was ready to go home. But it was so good to get out of the house.”

1 February 2019: “I started the day in tears, but by the night things were better. I finished the January’s temp quilt flying geese strip, and started on the temperature quilt key block, a circle of flying geese.”

19 February 2019: “The sling wearing is finished! (Cue: Cheering) Another milestone: I did some rotary cutting. I made dinner and we watched another episode of Madam Secretary. So happy to be at this place!”

26 February 2019: “Mailed our taxes, then went to Quilter’s Cocoon for some retail therapy. New Kaffes were in and I picked up some browns for the new Lori Holt Bee Happy quilt.”

29 March 2019: “Photographed the Plitvice quilt in the fields of the Poppy Superbloom.”

24 April 2019: ” I just returned from Utah where I was the Utah Valley Quilt Guild’s “National Teacher.” Such a lovely experience, plus we saw about every relative possible that lives in Utah. Many years ago, I was pregnant with my first child on this day, wondering if he would ever come [he was 4 days late and was born the next day.]”

1 May 2019: Today L. [a girlfriend] and I had a good lunch out together. Tonight I started work on a quilt block that reminds me of ladybugs.”

15 June 2019: “Today was a lovely basic day. Dave went on a bike ride and I picked him up in the neighboring town because he had a flat tire. We then went out for a burger at In-N-Out. Back home, I finished up the days for May, and sewed the strip onto the rest of the temperature quilt.”

25 June 2019: “Saturday, Dave was trying to stomp down the Clean Green yard waste and the giant can tipped over, throwing him against the garage. We headed to Urgent Care, and they took him down to X-ray by himself. While he was there, in walks L., feeling awful. It was good to be there to talk with her. Found out that he’s broken three ribs.”

5 August 2019: “Updates:
• L. never left Urgent Care, and was instead taken to the regional medical center. The diagnosis came back: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. We are all devastated.
• Turns out Dave only has two broken ribs, but is still sleeping in the recliner.”
• Went to Parliament Artisan Chocolate and stocked up on chocolate bars.
• I am having the time of my life talking to Quilt Guilds and teaching workshops.
• I went to lunch with L., Carole, and Pat.”

1 October 2019: ” Biggest national news this week is that an impeachment inquiry has been opened up. Just wanted to note it in this journal, as so much in these pages is focused on my world, my people, and my feelings about all of that. Meanwhile, I’ll keep quilting, keep trying to be better. I’ll keep trying to forgive more. In September, I only slept in our house 12 days out of the month — gone the rest of the time. That’s too much.”

21 October 2019: “I went to my second quilt show this year: PIQF in Northern California with L, where I met up with Tracy, a quilter I’d corresponded with. More happy fun: Crossroads was published in QuiltMania.

23 October 2019: “I finally made it to the grocery story today for some basics: tomatoes, canned goods, meat and some zucchini, as I’ve had a craving for zucchini bread ever since returning home from PIQF.”

3 November 2019: “I hate Daylight Savings Time. It is soooo nice to go back to regular sun time.”

13 November 2019: “Still dragging around after getting home yesterday from Guatemala to see my sister and her husband, who are on a church mission there. I had no idea that there were so many wonderful fabrics in that country. We didn’t travel very much this year. Next year, we are already planning a couple of international trips, but first, Thanksgiving at Barbara’s [our daughter].”

2 December 2019: “Our very first First Monday Sew-day was today. I taught them about the basics of rotary cutting and quilting, and Simone handled the color portion. We had it at Beth’s house, and it was a tangle of little children, laughing women, fabric and chatter. A good morning.”

25 December 2019: “Just went through a most wrenching, emotional day. We had a big fancy Christmas dinner at Mom and Dad’s, trying to ignore the fact that it was probably their last in their home of so many years. We helped them get papers signed for their new independent living place, and it was a dance of push and pull and trying not to cry, all while keeping up the Christmas Cheer. We said goodnight to them around 7 p.m., then drove down to our hotel in Salt Lake City. I could not just sit in the hotel room, so we parked and walked around Temple Square, taking in all the crowds, the lights, the nativity scene, the carols playing in the background, and an occasional quartet of missionaries serenading us with Christmas carols. It was good to be alone, but with people. It was good to walk. It was good to be with Dave.”

As these journal excerpts from 2019 show that the year came and went, a day at a time. I made this quilt a day at a time, each flying geese in the center showing the high and low temperatures of each day, along with the precipitation. I started calling it Wealth of Days when all of us had a year of days, not recognizing then as little gifts of time and experiences. We made plans, went on trips, had lunches and fun at quilt shows. We started quilts and finished them, and left some undone.

We had regular, precious life: a Wealth of Days.

The label says it all.

The quilt and I on a windy day at City Hall, Riverside, California.
Thanks to Dave for all the quilt holding, the photos and our life together this past year of covid. Update on L: she is home from her stem cell transplant treatment, and is taking one day at a time. Just like all of us.

16 thoughts on “Wealth of Days • Quilt Finish

  1. Another Sunday morning and another memorable post from Elizabeth!!!!!! Well, I love your “temperature” quilt better than any other out there, it is absolutely perfect and stunning and there is a section on the border with pinks and reds and maybe oranges that just calls my name. Thank you for sharing your journal posts and I even recall a call or two we shared during the dark times of your shoulder surgery. 2019 was certainly a bold and exciting year leading up to the most-memorable 2020 of COVID. And on we move. Thank you!!

  2. It’s admirable that you take to the time to regularly journal. I wouldn’t have had nearly as much to write about as you did, especially during the pandemic. Endless days at home, spent sewing, would have been as exciting as it got! Your Wealth of Days quilt turned out very pretty! It’s obvious you started with a lovely color key. Everything works together beautifully! Kelley’s wavy quilting makes gives wings to the geese, and make the whole quilt look like it’s rippling.

  3. I love your temperature quilt and that quilting just gives it so much movement and makes it sing!
    It was fun to read your 2019 journal posts, such a reminder of what life used to be. I so enjoy your posts and your quilts are always such an inspiration.

  4. Seems like forever ago and just yesterday. Time is so weird that way. Needless to say, I love the front, but the back is just fantastic!

  5. It is amazing what some people can accomplish in their 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week life. You are so inspiring! I may not always comment on your posts but I do enjoy them very much. I will get to work on my temperature quilt now. Thanks for the kick in the….inspiration!

  6. Elizabeth you and I were recovering from shoulder surgery at the same time. I had the rotator cuff clean out and 3 severed tendons reattached. Who knew even those days were such a blessing compared to the stress that was coming. As you say One Day at a Time is so true. Just the same as Quilting Gail wrote One Stitch at a Time. So we get through the days and keep stitching and creating; one day at a time. Your temperature quilt is beautiful, well travelled and attached to so many memories.

  7. Such a pretty quilt and good reminder of each day as a gift. Why can’t I manage to stay up on a journal? You’re an inspiration, as always.

  8. I especially appreciate your update on L at the end, I was definitely hoping for some kind of follow up on that poignant entry. Also what struck me was that you were planning for international travel that obviously had to be put on hold. Beautiful quilt, and thanks for the reminder of how richly I am blessed.

  9. A wonderful post on a wonderful quilt Elizabeth! Each day must be cherished and used, we don’t know which will ultimately be our last! As Judy said, you are indeed an inspiration to us all.

  10. Wealth of Days is a perfect name for this quilt. I saw it on IG this morning and glad to read a lot more detail here. It’s a beautiful quilt already but wow, it is so packed with meaning. Who knew that 2019 would seem so “normal” in retrospect. Reading through your journal entries reminds me I should be more specific in mine about the projects I’m working on, and not just write things like “quilted some” (I keep a five year diary, just a few lines a day).

  11. I love this perspective on 2019 and how you have incorporated it into your quilt. 2019 was a tough year for you, and it is wonderful to see how you have processed it and fit it into the patchwork of your life.

  12. Wonderful post. Wonder title. Here’s to more freedom to do what we like to do. So glad you have healed. Waiting for the next post to see what you are up to.

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