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stars shining brightly

stars shining brightly
quilt #237 • 35″ square

This is the second sawtooth star quilt top I made during the Time of Covid, but that first one is still awaiting quilting. One night, dragging around, looking for something to do besides all the things I’d done every single day for the last few months, I thought I would just knock this one out, get it done.

It had held me up for a while, as I kept thinking that it had to have precision ruler work in all those fine-pointed stars that were made when I was testing out my Sawtoothmania pattern, but in the end I decided that Done Was Best.

I’m about ready to sew the labels on the back, but I’ll pin them on then wait for a Zoom call to finish this up.

We snucked sneaked zipped up to Utah for a very quick trip last weekend to go to my niece’s wedding, dithering about it so badly that it wasn’t until the night before that we actually made our final decision. You know…covid. But the evening was idllyic, the food delicous, the bride and her father (my brother) both giddy and slightly delirious with happiness, so I’m glad I got to see that. She had three pages of vows, he had two pages, and all of us old marrieds are thinking: seriously? But in the blush of youth, why not pledge your troth in a really big way? Life will do what it does, and I’m thrilled they both climbed in the same buggy for the ride.

While going through photos the other day, I found this screenshot. It’s the headline that makes it delicious. Or awful, depending on how your day is going. Yep, it’s not like we wear those kinds of clothes in the photo anymore, right?

So I fell down the Riley Blake Gem Stones ombré fabrics rabbit hole. Here are some brights from The Cotton Cure, complete with a fun piece of candy and a sticker (which I put on the front of my calendar that I still am having a hard time filling out…who needs calendars these days?) I wish I could unfurl the fabrics for you to see the wonderful gradation of color and hue.

Here is another batch of half-yards from Quilt Expressions, who included this little note pad. These two shops know the way to any woman’s heart is a little gift. I found both these shops by doing a search on ETSY for this fabric, which led me to them.

All of them together.

Plans? Another Triad Harmony quilt, as I have my first live-online class with this pattern in a couple of weeks, when I Zoom into the Coastal Quilters for an evening and a fun Saturday. I’m starting work on the password-protected page on this website, shooting videos, freaking out when I try to edit them. You know, the whole digital experience of teaching these days.

Lastly, we are saying good-bye to too many people these days. The flags at half-mast are for Judge Ginsberg, and the 20,000 flags in front are to honor the over 200,000 dead due to Covid-19, since March. I wrote about the first 100,000 dead some months ago, and I struggled at this milestone. Are we not talking about it because we are numb? Are we not making a big deal of because it’s an election year and all the rahrah is distracting us? Or, more soberly, are we not noting it with fervor because we expect that soon there will be a 300,000 milestone, maybe even a 400,000 and we want to save something for that event?

This last idea scares me to death, for that means that many more people we love will be gone, from grandparents to aunts to friends and neighbors, almost sliding out of our lives without much notice. All that history. Gone. All those relationships. Gone. All those memories that will have to stand in place of these who died of this disease; gone too soon, they now grace the heavens, stars shining brightly.

I wish for all who remain behind, solace in their sorrow, and hopefully a quilt somewhere to curl up in on a bad day. Take care everyone. Wear your masks. Be kind.

We are not out of this yet.

My grandmother (left), my great-grandmother (right) and my Aunt Alfarette as a child, all wearing masks during the 1918 Flu Pandemic.

16 thoughts on “stars shining brightly

  1. My goodness, that fabric is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to seeing the quilts you make from it! I’m so glad you were able to attend your niece’s wedding. It must have felt almost normal! Yes, this virus is not going away any time soon!

  2. I like your star quilt. Nice fabrics and quilting. I like that polka dot fabric too. Nice rich colors. I don’t think politics has anything to do with why we aren’t getting more news on the virus. I live in the Houston area and they used to give us graphs every day showing where we are and now there isn’t much said except to wear a mask and wash your hands! I think we are in for a long haul with this one and people are trying to find their new normal.

  3. Beautiful quilt, gorgeous fabrics and many tears falling with your sobering (and I fear too accurate ) projections for the number of losses from Covid 19. Thank you for another post Elizabeth with a real reflection of life; beauty, thoughtful little gifts, new lives beginning together, horrific numbers of deaths and a reminder that history does repeat.

  4. Elizabeth, I so appreciate your cheerful quilt in the light of all the grim news of the world these days. Though i pay attention to the news, probably more than I ever have, I also have to distract myself from it, in order to save my sanity. Quilting, knitting, tending to my African violets, and trying to do small kindnesses all help.

  5. Thank you for the cheerful, beautiful, sweet, thoughtful post and the reminder to be kind – to ourselves and others. We still have a long row to hoe.

  6. I think the all over quilting looks just great on your Sawtooth quilt. Those fabrics are just gorgeous! I had not seen them before. Hmmm….maybe this IS the year to lighten things up with a dress like that. Best start my search before they are all snatched from the racks.

  7. I always enjoy your combination of quilting and philosophy. They really do go together. And that final photo–a treasure.

  8. So glad you got away for a bit of normal. We were gone overnight for a couple of days in far western Colorado and while it was nice for a break I was ready to be back home in my cocoon.

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