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New Mask Pattern • Sept. 2020

I found a new mask pattern that I think will be the best one yet. It’s from the Japanese Sewing Books site, and she has multiple sizes on one page, or you can download them one by one. She also has a video which clearly explains how to make one. I wore one of these masks around today for a while and not once did my glasses fog up–a real plus!

UPDATE: I’ve recently had some trouble accessing her site. I sometimes can come at it via a Google Search using Japanese Sewing Books + mask.

I use two (2) layers of quilting cotton and one (1) layer of featherweight nonwoven interfacing–it doesn’t really matter what kind. Just really light nonwoven. I made the Large size, but I might try the XL size next time–it will give a little more coverage.

I like to add a little casing for a flat piece of aluminum across the nose bridge so it will snug in. I cut a piece of matching fabric about 4 1/2″ long and about 1″ wide. I turned in one short end and stitched down this seam allowance. Then I finger-folded the raw edges under on the other short side and one long side.

I aligned the long-raw-edge side with the raw edge of the lining piece, centering it and placing it at the top of the lining. To finish, I top-stitched it down on two sides, then made the mask as the video indicates. That last long raw edge will be caught into the seam.

I bought some of these “nose wires.” Funny name. I used this elastic cording, threading it through the little casings on either side (watch the video). I cut each piece 9″ and then threaded it through and knotted it.

I didn’t want the little tip on her pattern, so I just folded it under when cutting. It looks cute, for sure, but I wanted to make the nose strip casing, and it wouldn’t work with this.

You can see me modeling my mask on Instagram.

Yep. I’m no Lady Gaga in the mask department, but I’ll bet she doesn’t wear hers to the grocery store, either!

12 thoughts on “New Mask Pattern • Sept. 2020

  1. I have been making masks like that too. After 50 or so of the fitted ones, sadly. I find these a bit more comfortable in the sweltering days that we have had. I saw that there was no link to the pattern but the ones that I have made were quite simple and easy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I also found this mask in late August and was super impressed with the fit and also the awesome little case to store it in. I had wanted to include the flat metal for better fit and hadn’t even thought about folding down the peak! That’s an awesome tip and I love how yours turned out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is very similar to the one I am now making. My cording is applied differently and I left that point, but enclosed the nose wire on the inside. It is the most comfortable mask yet.

  4. Thanks for the link. It’s been downloaded and filed. I’ve been thinking about trying this style but simply have no motivation to make any more masks.

  5. I have not found a mask that doesn’t make me feel like I can’t breath and nauseate.
    Sometimes I stay home because the mask makes me sick. Any suggestions??

  6. Love this mask, I received a mask like this from my daughter in law from Korea and have copied this pattern, very comfortable my favourite to make for friends and family.

  7. I just printed this pattern yesterday, and hope to give it a go. Thanks for sharing what you did to improve the pattern. I’ve been saving the wired bars from the tops of coffee bags, anticipating using them for masks. My hubs drinks a lot of coffee!

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