Temperature Quilt Top • January 2020

One-thousand-ninety-five triangles along with six rectangles make up the face of this heat map quilt, cataloging the temperatures and rainfall of Riverside, California in 2019.  I have no plans to make another, but I was pretty proud of myself for keeping up with this, faltering only in my crazybusy November to December (finishing those two months in the first few days of January — which is why I couldn’t get the holiday decorations down until January 7th).

temp colors and chart
Of the four numbers at the top of the fabric square, the color numbers are the three numbers written on the right side. The first number is for cataloging.

Here is the original Temperature Quilt Key, for those on IG who keep asking for it (it lives here, on the blog); it was first published early in the year, outlinging my intents and purposes.


The un-adorned face of the quilt, today in my sewing room.


I’m thinking of a narrow border before I begin to add other blocks around this quilt, to make it a bit larger.


I embroidered the temps on the corresponding triangles in my Temperature Quilt Key.


I have a lot of triangles leftover, so I thought I’d sew them together, fit them into a pattern, somehow, and sew them on the outside.Seoul Korea Triangle Doorway

I guess I have in mind the doorway we saw in Seoul, triangles everywhere.

ESE with 4 grands Dec 2020

Thought I’d flash up here a photo of me with four of my amazing granddaughters.  I have two more, just as far away.  They make me look young.

North Country Quilt with Dani

Danielle agreed to help me lay out the interior of my North Country Patchwork Quilt.  I finished all the interior pieces; now on to the rings.


While this shows just the sky quilted, I have now finished the quilting on My Small World.  I’m still looking for a good title for this quilt, but My Small World is such a great shorthand.  I’m determined to have it finished by Road to California, as I’m in two different classes taught by Jen Kingwell, who created this quilt.  Yep, I want her to sign a label.  Which means I have to get the binding on, then make the label.

Circe book

Finished this, too, just about the time I finished up the quilting.  I could listen to narrator on this audio book read the phone directory, she’s that good, but the novel is wonderful by itself.


20 thoughts on “Temperature Quilt Top • January 2020

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Adding the rain detail was brilliant. I’ve never wanted to make a temperature quilt before, but this is really tempting me.

    1. The “Temperature”quilt is a time piece. Your choice in colors are perfect as are all those triangles sewn together; another beautiful quilt.
      The truly amazing fact is the historical significance of dating weather for your area. A keepsake for sure!
      Your granddaughters are adorable and tall. Apparently, many of our generation seem to be towered over by the grands. It is a running joke with mine.
      The youngest reminds me all the time. He is 8 and has to measure every time he leaves my house ( he must think he grows while here). Only another inch Grammy and you’ll be saying, “Mason, sit down so my neck doesn’t hurt!
      Enjoy your day and keep on quilting.

  2. A-MA-ZING! ! The concept, the execution, the organization…. wow.
    As more and more things remind me that our time is really pretty short, I’ve been thinking about legacy… And what a legacy you’re creating – between the beauty you put out into the world and those lovely girls… wow.

  3. Your Temperature quilt turned out beautifully. The colors are so pretty and I like the rain idea. It’s a good thing we had a wet year!!! Love the Small World too. You’ll have it finished in time for a Road.

    Cute picture with all the girls. I think you have an upcoming quilter there. She’s a lucky girl to have a great teacher to help her.

  4. Yay for the Temperature Quilt. I love how everyone’s has turned out. Alll different, too! No one will ever really have the same one! I so want to do one this year. Really need to decide.

  5. Your Jan. 7 take down of Christmas has me laughing. My husband had to grab the box the decorations go in to get me to take mine down — on Jan. 11! Mine went up late so I felt justified leaving them up a little longer. Harrumph (lol)

  6. The first thing I noticed was that your four beautiful granddaughters share your lovely smile! Congratulations on both your Temperature quilt and your My Small Town! I think from what I’ve seen on IG, you are made great progress with the quilting. Jen will love it! May you could simply call it “California”, as it will have its official unveiling at the Road to California quilt show? But you are always so creative with your names, I am sure you will come up with something very imaginative! Happy sewing!

  7. Yeah for that temp finish!!! It’s quite fun and colorful. Definitely gets hot out there where in southern California. The highest I’d probably need to go would be 100 but then I’d have to go way lower than yours too. Doubt I ever make a temp quilt but it’s sure fun to see them online.

  8. Your temperature quilt is stunning! And your key is genius. I will add the book to my TBR list–I always enjoy your recommendations. I wanted to do a temp quit for 2019. That did not happen. Maybe 2020. It would be interesting to see how it compares to 2014 if I use approximately the same colors, but a different design…haven’t quite thought that out yet.

  9. Your projects are terrific and so is that Seoul door! Your temperature quilt sort of “says” California to me – or my fantasy of California, never having lived there. Cute grand daughters and still cuter to have one helping with a quilt. Thank you for the book recommendation. I just listened to a sample of Circe and immediately downloaded it on Audible! A good narrator can make or break an audible book!

  10. Perhaps the Small World quilt should be entitled “this took forever”! I have named quilts things like “the damn triangle quilt”, though I must admit I didn’t put that on the label 🙂

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