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Sing for Joy • Quilt Finish

Sing for Joy_3

Sing for Joy • Quilt #226

This is the second of my Three Hard Quilts to Make for 2019.  It’s a lovely day now that Sing for Joy is finished.

Here was my recipe in four easy steps:

  • I decided I wanted to make a quilt with words, so I bought every quilt book there was on words.
  • Then I decided I wanted mine a bit wonky and NOT paper-pieced.  I posted the how-to’s, one by one on Quilt Abecedary.blogspot.com, where they still live.
  • I sent around an email to see if anyone else was interested, and some colleagues in a former online bee jumped in, so we ran the Spelling Bee ran for one year, all of us making words for each other.
  • I follow Kviltstina on Instagram, and she has the sweetest little creative shapes on her feed, so I put some of them in this quilt.

Sing for Joy_4

The back, showing the signature blocks of my beemates.  I had to remake one, when the ink started running down the block when I pressed it; I guess she grabbed the wrong pen.  (It’s always something, right?)

Sing for Joy_1 Front

My husband and I went out for some photos in our neighborhood park, and several of the walkers asked about it, wondering how long it took to make it?  (Why is that always the first question, when people talk to us about our quilts?)

I began in 2016, and finished it this year (some early photos, above). I had to remake some of the words and cut down others, so I could fit them evenly on the quilt.   I hand wrote a label and pieced it in with the signature blocks, but if I printed one out it would say:

Sing for Joy label screenshot

My brother and I had an active discussion last week about whether or not there is such a thing as a soulmate.  I said I believed there is no such thing, as it was the stuff of movies and greeting cards.  What is possible is that you find yourself a partner and you work to build a relationship and sustain each other and the family.  Soulmates are ephemeral, I said.  Of course, he disagreed with me, as so might some of you.

But what I think I do believe in is a cheerleader, someone who has your best interests at heart, who encourages you, listens to you when you’re sad, upset, cheers you on in happy times and is steady and consistent.  Someone who is always on your team, and for who you’ll do the same.

This quilt is a tribute to my cheerleader of a husband, who 30 years ago married me and my four young children, raising us all.

He makes me Sing for Joy.

Sing for Joy_holding a quilt.jpg


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20 thoughts on “Sing for Joy • Quilt Finish

  1. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the sentiment. I agree with you about there not being soulmates. I think one person makes a commitment to another, and honors that commitment to the best of his/her ability.

  2. Amazing word quilt! Is the sentiment yours, or from another source? The photos are wonderful! congrats on a hard quilt finish

  3. Huzzah! My most favorite quilt yet. And I completely agree with the idea of cheerleader or teammate. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to make it through life together. A soul mate might pick up and run when the going got tough. May you both have many happy days together still to come. 🙂

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous! The verse is beautiful. I do believe in soul mates… my husband and I were engaged after only 3 weeks of dating and have been married for over 34 years. It’s work and takes commitment, but we knew almost right away that we were meant for each other. It’s awesome when you find someone who is your cheerleader and has your heart. Congrats! on your 30 year marriage. May you have many more years together.

  5. That is a gorgeous quilt! Love all the beautiful pinks! I have often thought about making a quilt with words but I haven’t found a quote or saying that would be deserving of getting a quilt.

  6. Another awesome finish Elizabeth! It is wonderful tribute to your tenacity, skill and your marriage all in one! Congratulations to all it embodies and sing for joy!!!

  7. WaHoo!!! I know you struggled with some of the parts but it was so so worth all your effort. It’s a fabulous finish. I love it!

  8. I think this is your best quilt, ever, hands down, and I absolutely love it – what a wonderful finish and tribute! And upon reflection I think you might be right in cheerleader vs. soulmate – either way, you certainly have a winner of a cheerleader. Congratulations on both!

  9. So good to see this all finished up! (You weren’t waiting for me to post mine, were you? ;))
    I love the signature shot where I can see your shadow!
    No soul mates. Just hard work. I actually think arranged marriages used to work out fairly well. That said, there are a few bad apples in the world and no amount of work will change them….

  10. Such a wonderful sentiment on the quilt, and what a moving tribute to Dave in your post. Your last two sentences made me teary.

  11. Such a wonderful quilt! You were a trend-setting, starting this in 2016, when in 2020 QC is focusing on text. I hope you enter this one! I agree with you that a soulmate is a pipe dream. Practically-speaking, we hope to have a spouse who is our best cheerleader. That’s the ideal scenario – as good as it gets. I’m happy for you to have found that man. And that he’s a quilt-holder for you too makes him the sprinkles on top of the frosting!

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