Crossroads & Simply Moderne Magazine

Crossroads began in a mix of bright violet, purple, sailor blue, deep aqua, with some bright green, yellow and a touch of black.  In other words, this quilt began like so many of mine do: in a swirl of color.  But what happened next was quite an adventure.Crossroads_1a

The inception of the quilt came from two other versions, but I wanted to put this design through its paces and see what else it could do.


I cut and built the quilt, color band by color band.


Then I started quilting it a little over a year ago.


There were a few troubles here and there, with some healthy doses of unpicking.


But I finished quilting and moved onto the binding.  So far, it all sounds pretty normal, right?


Time for some beauty shots in our university’s garden.  Then I contacted Simply Moderne magazine, and asked if they were interested.  I waited.


I taught a class with it.

Simply Moderne wrote back: yes! They were interested! (Cue jumping on the bed.)  So the quilt went underground, as did the pattern.  No more classes.  No talking about it.


I dropped it off to them at Road to California January 2019, the folded quilt disguising my sling for my arm (rotator cuff surgery).  This was on their IG feed.


This past week, September 2019, I received this in my email: the photo of my quilt, ready for publication.  I was beyond thrilled, as I am a fervent and faithful reader of not only Simply Moderne, but also its parent magazine, QuiltMania.  Everyone there at that publication is so very nice and lovely to work with.Simply Moderne Cover F2109

So, pick it up at your newstand, or wait for your subscribed copy to be delivered, or order it online on the 19th of September.  And give me a holler when you read it, for I’ll be waving back, jumping for joy!

18 thoughts on “Crossroads & Simply Moderne Magazine

  1. Wow, wow and wow! A fabulous story about a beautiful quilt, the stunning quilting and lovely photos- of you and the quilt of course!

  2. I just love your tenacity and creativity! What a wonderful secret to keep under wraps – you must be so, so proud. Congratulations, it’s a gorgeous quilt with quite a backstory!

  3. This is a stunner, Elizabeth! And to have it featured in one of the very best mags is tooooo cool. Such a creative soul! Kudos to you👏👏👏

  4. You GO girl! Congratulations on being published in Simply Moderne. Your quilt is gorgeous and I love the back story. Your machine quilting really makes the quilt. It’s like make up on a beautiful woman. Subtle.

  5. WaHoo!!!! Congrats Elizabeth. I have a few of their magazines and enjoy looking through them every so often. Will definitely need to look for this issue.

  6. Oh golly! This is so exciting for you, Elizabeth! You kept it under wraps so well. I’m thrilled for you. It seems you’re really getting your quilt-y stride these days. Keep up the great work.

  7. Congratulations! Well deserved!!! I am also a fan of both magazines…subscribe to Quilt Mania but will have to find a copy of this issue!

  8. That photo of your quilt on the table with the matching pottery is absolutely gorgeous, but I like your photo of it in the University Garden just as much! Congratulations on getting in the magazine. Bring a copy to show to me next time we meet!

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