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Blue Stars (Frivols #12): All Finished, Completed & Done, and an Encore!


Frivols 12_12 front with toys
This is the final Frivols, a table runner for my holiday table, shown here with my wooden toys from Sweden, Copenhagen and Germany.  I’m calling it Blue Stars.  I almost called it Christmas Stars, but what if I want to use it in July? (Just trying to be practical here.)

Frivols 12_7a

I left you in the other post with all the stars and their backgrounds cut out, and tucked away in their little tin.  My first step when I got them back out, was to group them together, stars and backgrounds, making sure I had enough of each part to make the block.

Frivols 12_7b

First up was to make the Flying Geese, then trim them up.  I rarely make geese that aren’t slightly wonky.  I’ve learned to live with this terrible character flaw, as when it is sewn up, no one knows.

Frivols 12_8

(Apologies for the nighttime lighting.)

Frivols 12_8a

Trim it all up to 5 1/2.”

Frivols 12_9

Arrange the stars, obsess.  Decide it’s okay.  Decide to add little strips of color around the outside edge so that some of that extra fabric in the tin is used up.

Frivols 12_9a

Sew together.

Frivols 12_10

I layered the finished runner with some Christmas fabric from the stash, some batting, put on my walking foot, and stitched in the ditch.  At some point I want to come in and do some echo quilting around all the stars, but hey–it’s December and I’ve got Stuff To Do, so that will have to wait.

Frivols 12_12c back

The backing. More beauty shots:

Frivols 12_11 front

Frivols 12_12b


Can I just say this again? Here they all are, back again for their encore:

Frivols 2018_1
Frivols #1, Caitlin’s Baby Quilt
Frivols #2, Windowpane
Frivols 3_1
Frivols #3, Betsy’s Quilt
Frivols #4, Life’s Dilemma
Frivols #5, Child’s Play
Frivols #6, Practice Makes Perfect
Frivols 7_28 front
Frivols #7, Bread with Every Meal
Frivols 8_7 front
Frivols #8, Baby Bear
Frivols 9 _13
Frivols #9, Walk Around the Block
Frivols 10_11
Frivols #10, Christmas Corner
Frivols 11_12
Frivols #11, Stars of Night, Lend Their Light
Frivols 12_12 front with toys
Frivols #12, Blue Stars

I have some thoughts on this experience (surprise!) in the next post.

21 thoughts on “Blue Stars (Frivols #12): All Finished, Completed & Done, and an Encore!

  1. Yea! You made it through them all! Thanks for sharing you progress and issues. I had thought about getting these when they first came out, but am glad that I didn’t. They aren’t really sizes I would use.

  2. Well, that’s a gigantic “ta da”, right?! And this last one might be my fav, although in looking at the lot, they are all kinda neat – and your commentary made them extra special! Good job!

  3. Sure love seeing this line-up of quilts! What an accomplishment! The Blue Stars table runner is nice, and I especially appreciate how you used up as much fabric as possible by adding those contrasting pieces of fabric around the edges. Perfect! You should be very proud of yourself for finishing all these. You deserve more than a pat on the back!

  4. Ta-da, indeed! I loved getting to see the encore parade of all your Frivols. It reminded me of some of your posts (esp. Loved seeing the pickup truck again). And now you can motor on to Christmas with great satisfaction at completing the Frivols task you set for yourself. You go, girl!

  5. Congratulations! I only have one Frivol and never made. I resisted for a long time, but I finally started using some of the fabric from the kit. LOL

  6. Oh yeah!!!! So glad to see this one finished AND shown with the rest of them. Don’t we get to vote on our favorite? I LOVE the blues with the red ornaments on it for Christmas – especially that gorgeous Dala Horse.

  7. Congratulations once again. Great accomplishment. You get so much done in a very short time. I need your time management principles. Thanks for all the pics of work in progress and finished.

  8. Quite a finish! Congratulations! And to think of everything else you accomplished this year quiltwise. 2018 has been a very productive and successful year for you. November is still my favorite. Could it be the truck? 🙂

  9. You deserve a trip to Fiji for finishing ALL your Frivols! It’s been wonderful to see what you have created from each one. Your quilting is a gift to us all. Thanks for sharing your quilting adventures with us!

  10. WaHoo!!!! You did it! And now you have 12 pretty little quilts to play with. The toys look great on this last one.

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