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Frivols 8 ** FINISHED!** & Intro to Frivols 9


Frivols 8_7 front

I finished Frivols 8, and haven’t yet named it, although Moda calls it “Brio” or something like that.  But all those Bear Paw blocks are so fun and alive, I need another name.  How about…

Charlie and Bear Earmuffs

…Baby Bear?, especially after my daughter-in-law posted this picture of her youngest son (my youngest grandson) helping with dinner, complete with bear earmuffs.  He’s a character.

Frivols 8_5

I finally was able to get to the quilting (see below).

Frivols 8_8b basket

I found some old 1940s prints in the stash, and chose a blue to match the lightest blue in the quilt for the binding.  That’s one of the troubles with doing these frivols after the fact: the fabrics to complete them are AWOL, but I made it work.Frivols 8_6

Now the requisite Beauty Shots.  The print above is titled “She Will Find What Was Lost,” and is a print by Brian Kershisnik, a favorite of mine.Frivols 8_8a draped

Eight are done!

But since this is your two-for-one post, here’s the intro for Frivols #9, our little box for September.

Look!  No Half-Square Triangles!  Okay, there are some triangles that are snowballed on, and a few Flying Geese, but hooray!  I couldn’t face making another quilt with prints on a white background, even though I do like the look, so the background for this one will be a peach woven-looking print fabric.

This collection is by Lella Boutique.  More info is found on Moda’s Blog.

And in other news this past while:

  • survived a “Meet N’Greet” when a young woman rear-ended me in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway.  After spending too many hours on too many phone calls with her insurance company, I called mine, and the car will go in next week to be fixed.  They’ll fight it out later who gets to pay what.
  • agonized when I discovered that all the patterns I’d given out in my workshop in August were too small. It was only after a phone call to corporate headquarters for the printing company, and two visits to the local outlet that I discovered what had happened: they had set the button to “Print to Fit” which ALL quilters know means at about 96%.  They graciously printed out new, accurate copies, which I’ll collate and get over to the Guild.  Then I’ll put a paper bag on my head and try to remain incognito.
  • created another tiny quilt in order to review a book by Kerry Foster, titled Paint-by-Numbers Quilting.  My day on the Blog Hop is September 24th, and we’re doing a digital giveaway that day, so everyone can enter — US and international quilters.  Check back then.
  • rearranged nearly everything upstairs in my house:Stuff in BathtubWe swapped the old guest room for the new office, which meant that all my stuff in the old guest room had to go in the hallways and the Master Bedroom, and the old office, and yes, even the bathtub. (I won’t show you the rest of the mess.)

Too Much to Do.jpg

Lately, I wake up every day feeling like I have about 400 things to get done that day, and fall into bed exhausted, having only accomplished a few of the things on my list. I know this soon will end, once my home is back in order, the big projects finished, the trips taken, the car fixed, the weeds pulled, next month’s Frivols finished, and everything crossed off my To-Do list.  Right.

If it's not one thing, its your mother.jpg

15 thoughts on “Frivols 8 ** FINISHED!** & Intro to Frivols 9

  1. I think it turned out beautifully and hooray for no HSTs this month. I’m sorry you had an unfortunate meet and greet, and I am glad the printer is going to correct their mistake. I hope the mental to-dos start to melt away this month.

  2. Love the finished look of Baby Bear! That’s the perfect name for you latest finish! Try not to stress about what has to be done….! What’s the worst thing that can happen if they don’t all get finished by…when? Wasn’t Kerry in one of our bees? I look forward to seeing her new book and what you have made from it!

  3. Love that little quilt! Hey, I have a bunch of Little Miss Sunshine if you need any to add to this month’s Frivol!

  4. I am soooo impressed that you managed to get that pretty Frivols finished this month with your schedule. It turned out beautifully too.

    I really hate it when my life is in turmoil like yours is now. It will get better, but it is so bothersome when you are in the midst of it all. Of course, you know when this project is done there will be another one. 😉

  5. Nice! Love your technique of getting all your Frivols done this year and Baby bear is adorable. Even more so impressed with you flip flopping your upper level domain too. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve been cleaning up my sewing room Ugh! How did I allow it to become so blown up? The table is relatively cleaned off so I’ll attempt to get a pincushion done that I’ve been drooling over.
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Yeah for getting number 8 finished. It seems to have a nice fall feeling about it. Only 4 more to go and you will have quite an accomplishment for the year. Good luck with all the other 400 things on your list today. : )

  7. As I’ve said before, I admire your perseverance and commitment to these Frivols. This one turned out really well. Hmmm. How big is it? Looks like a nice TV-watching snuggle size. And good for you to be on your way to the next. Wow.

    So sorry about your unhappy accident. Hope the “young woman” wasn’t on her cell phone! “Oops” about the wrong pattern size, but it’s certainly not your fault! Guild members there should be very understanding, and you probably taught them a lesson through it!

    Sure understand about your topsy-turvy house. I have no doubt that it makes life seem more unsettled than it really is. But I know you’ll persevere through it… and like you aptly noted, will find some other “thing” to take it’s place. Isn’t retirement grand? So laid-back and leisurely? Ha!

  8. If you were rear ended, I think there’s no question about whose insurance company will pay. And about that list. I’m going to share a bit of wisdom my sister shared with me after learning it in a drug counseling program. The counselors were insistent about this one — NEVER PUT MORE THAN THREE ITEMS ON YOUR LIST FOR THE DAY. If you do that, you’ll get to the bottom of a lot more lists. In the morning, choose your big three. And don’t collapse 47 things off of your old list into one item on the short list (e.g., 1. completely reorganize the house ). If you’re feeling productive after you’ve finished that list, you can make another list of three (no more than) items. That way, at the end of the day, your likelihood is much greater of having completed everything on your list. And if you didn’t, you’ll go to bed with not more than three items on your list unfinished! Now, I just need to learn to practice what I preach!

  9. I feel like you must have more hours in your day than the rest of us! You are getting a shocking amount of things done. Your Baby Bear quilt quilt looks wonderful. I loved it before but now it’s quilted it looks even nicer. And your grandson is adorable. That photo must have cheered you up after having to deal with all the things on your list 🙂

  10. I always enjoy your humor as you work your way through quilting and life itself. I like the three item list described above. I’ll try to do that! Hope you finish your projects so you can sit and enjoy your accomplishments.

  11. I love the colors and design of Frivol 8. And those HST are a bear (pun intended) to make if it can’t be done using on of the easier methods! I think the 400 things to do in a day list is something we all have on our minds as we get older. Getting the room changed around sounds like a major undertaking. I wish you relaxation on your trips.

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