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Uncle (Frivols #8)

The following pictures tell you why I’m saying Uncle on this project, as there is No Way I’m going to be able to quilt it and bind it and label it, all before the end of August.  Which is tomorrow, in case you didn’t notice.

Frivols 8_5Frivols 8_6

Cutting.  And I only made one mistake.  Not bad, not bad.

Frivols 8_7Frivols 8_7a

What is with all these half-square triangles in everyone’s design?  HSTs! HSTs!  AAAAGH!

Frivols 8_7bFrivols 8_8

I got one block this far late one night, then went to bed.

Frivols 8_8a

The next day I got this far, all while listening to Book 4 of Bruno, Chief of Police.  And that little habit is all due to Bette, who suggested I might like them.  I do. The real title of that book was the Devil’s Cave.  Our hero, Bruno, saved the day.Frivols 8_9

Twenty-nine thousand pieces of sashing, and eight million borders are sewn on. It’s actually looking cuter.

Frivols 8_10

It kind of like died here.

I cut the batting last night, organized (but didn’t sew together) the backing.  But I had to finish up another quilt, and take photos, and meet a bazillion deadlines, the least of which is to revamp this entire room, which used to be the guest room, but will soon become our office.  Well, mostly my husband’s, but I will have a desk too, and all our modemrouterprinter1printer2extrapaperofficesupplies will soon leave my sewing room and live here.  Can’t wait.  See me about November for the finished product/project.

I’ll get to the Frivols #8, but just not by August 31st.  But I did try.

Cartoon Fabric Buying


16 thoughts on “Uncle (Frivols #8)

  1. You did awesome! I love the way this one has turned out so far. Hope the quilting goes quick and easy for you!

  2. Your quilt looks great! Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life right now. When I get overwhelmed, I have to remind myself to stop and just b-r-e-a-t-h-e. I got a good laugh from your cartoon at the end of your post. My husband will be able to relate.

  3. I was so worried when I saw that the blog post was titled Uncle. I think it’s the cutest top so far, and piecing it counts for a lot in my book! I bet converting the room and freeing up some space is going to feel good.

  4. I love this little quilt! The colours are just gorgeous! Maybe this series of projects should have been called Half Square Frivols??? Am I missing something…..what is the significance of the title “Uncle”?? Is it an American thing?

  5. Life is so daily. You have done wonderfully so far to stay on track. But life does happen and one does need to adjust occasionally. This one is so pretty and colorful. Can’t wait to see the finished product. 🙂

  6. Glad Bruno helped you through this wonderful little gem~~! I’ve just finished his latest book (Martin Walker) and it’s another winner.

  7. A finished top is a finish as far as I’m concerned! Congratulations. I just finished #4 Lakeland (the top) which was 156 flying geese… I guess I should be thankful no HSTs. I’m not doing mine in order, but #8 won’t be any time soon. Thanks for forging the path— you are Wonder Woman! Xox

  8. With your month, I am surprised that you got this far with it. They would not have been my fabric choices, but I really like the way they have all blended together so beautifully. It is a great fall project with the changing leaves. I know you will have it finished in no time at all. I think you have done more than your share of HST sewing this year. Well done, Elizabeth.

  9. I love bear’s paw blocks and these look great in their bright scrappy colors. And unless there is a *real* deadline, no need to worry about not having it finished by end of month. 🙂

  10. Even if it’s not done by the end of today, it’s still a cute little quilt. I know you’ll finish it since it’s so far along. I tend to call them done when the top is sewn anyway . . . thus I have a closet full of tops.

  11. It sounds like you have a lot of life and a little time this month. Go easy on yourself; it’s only quilting. I love this Frivols quilt the best of those you’ve done so far and look forward to seeing it finished in November, or December or whenever you get to it.

    The cartoon is one of my favorites. I shared it a few weeks ago with my husband and he got quite the laugh from it as well.

    Keep calm and live on! There must be a story in the making the room into an office. I’m sure you’ll fill us in when the time comes.

    In stitches, Marsha

  12. Oh gosh. You’re a trooper, Elizabeth! I can’t believe how diligent you’ve been about working on these. I would have chucked Frivols a long time ago. Your persistence is admirable. So does this mean that in September you have to finish the August one AND make another?! I’m happy for you to get your sewing room sorted. Personally, I like having my computer and printer (only one of each) in my sewing room, as I am able to easily refer to tutorials without needing to print anything. And when I do need to print – “Year of Scrappy Triangles” FPP pages (of which I am woefully behind) – it’s all handy. Still, it would be nice to free up some sewing room space for other things. I won’t let anyone look behind bi-fold doors into the closet!

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