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I was recently sent a stack of fabrics as I was asked to be a part of the On Your Mark Create! blog hop; I jumped at the chance to work more with my friend Simone’s On Your Mark fabrics.  I stewed over what I could sew, since I’d already made a baby quilt. This time I wanted some quilty project that would be fun and helpful for me and for you.


Then it was time for lunch.


Yes, lunch, and when I looked those placemats on the table, I knew they were way past their Sell By date.  It was time for some new ones.


I hunted around for placemat tutorials that had some style and were quick and easy and that would show off the fun prints in Simone’s fabrics.  (As a former English teacher, I’m totally in love with the exclamation point fabric.)

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I found this free pattern on Craftsy by Samelia’s Mum, and thought it would be perfect.  I had toyed with another design by Fabric Mutt, which had pockets for paper plates and plasticware at picnics, but opted instead for the leafy design on “All Seasons Placemats.”


The fabric has a soft hand, and to make sure I didn’t have the placemats shrink out of shape (and, as a mostly-I-prewash-fabric quilter), I threw the fabrics into the washer, then dryer, until they were damp-dry and then pressed up the fabric.


I had fun choosing which leaves to go where.  I also made some changes to how the pattern went together.  First I constructed the placemat completely, following her instructions for fusing and stitching.


But then I layered the placemat on top of batting without quilting it down first.  I layered the backing on top of that RST.  I stitched around the edges, leaving an opening.


I turned it inside out, and closed the opening by top-stitching around the outside edge of the placemat.  It looks poofy, but it settles down when you quilt it, which is the next step.  After stitching around the outside edge, I’d say to do it again, 1/4″ away.  Then quilt the plain spaces in the mat.  I went around the leaves first, then stitched more leaves in a random fill pattern all over.


Did I mention they are reversible?

I know a lot of folks don’t set proper tables anymore, but there’s something so lovely about a well-set table that shows love to all who join in. After using them for a few days, I think I should have places the leaves on the RIGHT side of the placemat, for then the glass would be like the flower at the top of the leafy stem.  Next time.


PS.  That’s my grandmother’s napkin ring you see up there.


Here are my On Your Mark placemats, gracing our table for dinner.  By the way, one night we spilled on them, and I tossed them in the washer then laid them out flat on top of the dryer to dry, and they look as good as new.  No shrinking.



Paintbrush Studio, who makes these fabrics, is offering one fat quarter bundle to be given away each day of the blog hop (like what you saw at the beginning of the post). (So you can hop around for more chances to win!)

UPDATE: Giveaway closed now.  Thank you all!

To win one from me, leave a comment telling me when the last time was you purchased placemats (if you can remember), and I’ll draw one name randomly (USA only) to win.  Winner will be contacted via email and the bundle will be mailed out from Paintbrush Studio.  (But if you don’t win, you can purchase them here.)

tiny nine patches

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97 thoughts on “On Your Mark Create! Blog Hop and Giveaway

  1. I’m not eligible either, but I often buy new placemats. At every meal we use them, even breakfast on work days. Personally I dislike eating without them. Yours are loving.

  2. We have a lot of placemats, so it’s been a while since we have bought any. We use them almost every day! They brighten up our table. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  3. Omg , it’s been years, I make all mine and my daughters. I love the way you made yours too

  4. What a wonderful giveaway. I love the fabrics.
    Your place setting is so charming! we use napkins and placemats here at our house. I don’t remember when I last purchased placemats, but I did make some string pieced tray liners a couple of years ago.
    I LOVE the birdy plate and hooray for using family pieces like the napkin ring.
    Thanks for the change to win.

  5. I bought plastic placemats two years ago, so it’s time to MAKE some with that fabric!

  6. We still use placemats on the kitchen table. I think the last ones were bought just before Christmas. Hubby actually picked them up when he was out one day.

  7. I really love this new fabric and placemats are such a fun and perfect make. Have made my own for years, but in 2009 I did cave and bought a pair of blue leather-y ones ( which finally bored me to death!).

  8. I use placemats everyday,but not fabric ones,
    Use wipeable ones to clean up after my husband

  9. I have not bought placemats in years but yours are so pretty! Thanks for such a nice post!

  10. It has been years and I really don’t care for the ones that I have. Maybe I’ll make new ones in my future

  11. I can’t remember the last time I made placemats. I’ve received some as gifts but I think it’s time to make some. There is still a half foot of snow on the ground and it’s supposed to snow again today! Any way I can add fresh color to these un-spring-like days is going to happen! …and I love your bird plates Elizabeth!

  12. I bought some about six months ago. It wasn’t a planned purchase, but I saw them and they were perfect for my kitchen – a rich red woven jute-type material.
    Yours are beautiful!

    1. I haven’t had a dining table in years. Have just purchased a wonderful antique drop leaf, so I NEED placemats and NEED to win! Thanks!!

  13. Love that fabric and the placemats are lovely. The last mats I bought were a black leather-like material, on sale, from a high end store when my grandsons were little. We still use them and the youngest is 10! Time for some new colorful ones.

  14. You did a great job on the placemats. They highlight the fabulous fabrics so beautifully. Doesn’t a pretty table make food just taste better? It has been several years since I bought placemats – mostly because I like to make my own.

  15. Your placemats are perfect for Spring! Bright and cheerful. And I like your construction so that they are reversible. Since I have a round table, this will require some adaptive thinking on my part. And our family hasn’t used placemats since my mom gave us the round table, maybe 10 years ago? My husband requested some last month. Maybe it’s time…

  16. Your right I can’t even remember when I bought placemats. There is a neat tutorial to make a zippered bag from placemats and in that case I would buy placemats.

  17. These are just darling, Elizabeth. I like placemats, too. Less fussy than a tablecloth and full of cute!!

  18. My sister uses my quilting scraps and makes placemats, I have not purchased placemats in a long time. Love yours, and your dishes, thanks for sharing

  19. These are just delightful! I bought placemats about 5 years ago for a bridal shower. She wanted a specific style and color. I made my own, but don’t use them as often as I should. You are right, a table looks wonderful with placemats.

  20. Pretty placemats. I don’t have any placemats. Have a great day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  21. Probably bought some 10-15 years ago. Make ours. Recently, Christmas on one side and Fall on the other. This is an interesting pattern. Need some for summer
    especially for outside!

  22. It’s been so long since I bought placemats – Christmas ones from way back! I am now looking to make these – so pretty! Love your plates – so cute & Spring-like! Thank you, Susan

  23. Your placemats are lovely. I can not remember the last time I bought placemats. Maybe it is time for me to make some. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  24. Your place setting is so beautiful!!!! I would love to join you for a meal.

    I’ve bought placemats at goodwill!

  25. Love the table mats Elizabeth. They showcase the pretty fabrics well. I bought one table mat a couple of years ago to use for a project. I don’t use them otherwise.

  26. I have purchased several different kinds of fabric placemats in the past year. I use them on small tables in the livingroom and bedroom to add a pop of color!

  27. It’s been many years but sometimes I use them to protect my tablecloth. They could definitely use some sprucing up. These are so fun and the perfect spring addition.

  28. The last placemats I “bought” were part of an auction lot of vintage linens that i won. They are linen and need to be starched and ironed, so only used as decoration. Placemats are fun and easy to make – quick gratification.

  29. For me, it’s been years and years ago when I was furnishing a new condo in Massachusetts. I must say, your leaf placemats are bright and modern!

  30. It was SO long ago that I purchased placemats that I can’t really remember when. These are beautiful and what gorgeous fabric!

  31. Please don’t enter me in the drawing, but I just have to tell you that your place mats are wonderful! Thanks for writing up such a fabulous blog post for the On Your Mark fabric:)

  32. Your table setting is so inviting ~ love the new placemats. I like your idea of placing the stem with leaves on the other side so the beautiful glass makes the impression of a flower. I use a table cloth so have not purchased placemats in years. These are so pretty though, makes me think I should switch it up and use placemats sometimes too.

  33. It has been ages since I bought a placemat. I have been making my own (ad to give as gifts) for a long time. Love the ones you made.

  34. Actually, I bought place mats two years ago when I moved to where I now live. I wasn’t particularly involved in sewing / quilting as I am now. Suffice it to say, I would NEVER buy place mats again. The sheer pleasure I get from quilting is immense. I make as many things as I can – either as gifts for friends, or for myself. I love to create. I love material. I love color. I love to quilt. It’s as simple as that.

  35. I’ve never bought placemats but I would love to make some for my Mother she loves them.

  36. I have never, ever bought a placemat. Maybe I will someday 😆 I have been planning to stitch up some trivets, though.

  37. I don’t remember when I last bought placemats. I usually make them and often give them for gifts.

  38. Oh, how I love your placemats with the pretty leaves! I want to make a set for my table! It’s been years since I bought placemats. We use what I have over and over and I really should have new ones. I’d say it’s been 10 years….yep, time to make a set!

  39. I bought some plain red and green place mats for Christmas this past year. I went plain as I was putting them on top of an old lace/crocheted (?) tablecloth that my dad bought during WWII for my mom. It came from Panama if my memory serves me right! The tablecloth came to me and I hope my son finds a young lady who would enjoy it as much as I have.

  40. I’m more of a tablerunner person. Last time I bought placemats was probably as a wedding shower gift a few summers back.

  41. i last pruchased placemats about 3 years ago but now i plan to make my own. thanks for sharing.

  42. When Mervyn’s was still in business…..a store I miss greatly and it’s been a long time. I love those placemats and the quilting on them. They are nice enough to use either side!

  43. Your place mats are great!… and I agree that the glass as a “flower” on the top of the stem would be pretty cute! I’ll remember that, for when I make mine!
    Thank you for the idea/inspiration, Elizabeth!
    I have always made my own placemats (and napkins!)… The only purchased placemats (2) were decades ago… one for a “still life” arrangement I set up for giving a drawing lesson to my students, and the other was for a “sewing experiment” (I had a idea I wanted to try out… using it to make a sturdy tote bag bottom)
    By the way, Elizabeth, I love that baby quilt you made! That’s now on my “list”, too!
    Pat T.

  44. It’s been at least 15 years. I use them every once in awhile. Yours are so springy not like the snow we are getting in Iowa and I’m sure other places.

  45. Haven’t purchased placemats in ages. Usually make us one set on my guild’s Spring Fling Getaway weekend. So, it must be at least 15 years ago!

  46. I think I purchased some at IKEA a year or so ago. We use placemats every day and yours look really cute.

  47. Wonderful placemats..those would be fun to use. I haven’t purchased placemats in many many years…I make my own now too! And I have an awesome pattern for napkins too. Thanks for sharing a great post!

  48. I bought a fabric panel that was 4 placemats. I finally sewed them about a month or so ago. First time I’ve had placemats on my table. I like the leafy designed placemats.

  49. I have to say the last place I purchased placemats was at a thrift store. They were handmade ones in a pretty fabric!

  50. I can’t remember the last time I purchased placemats. These fabrics are beautiful and really like the placemats that you made!!

  51. Your place mats are lovely. The quilting is beautiful. I can’t remember the last time I purchased place mats, I always make my own.

  52. I purchased some placemats for Thanksgiving about 30 years ago but have made a few sets since then. I love the fabrics and your reversible mats.

  53. Elizabeth,your placemats are so pretty and I love the quilting. I can’t remember the last time I purchased new placemats. I love to make my own, but the last time I even made any has been at least 10 years. Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics.

  54. oh my do I really have to answer that question? lol …. its been a few years and I love yours! Mine are looking shabbier by the moment!

  55. After looking at my stained and raggedy placemats, I think I purchased them during the Eisenhower administration…..sigh…love Simone’s fabric!!

  56. It has been too long to remember the last time I bought placemats. I haven’t ever made any, but I love the design you chose to stitch up. Thank you for sharing!

  57. Haven’t bought placemats for several years – just keep reusing the old, tired ones out of laziness, and not liking most of what I see in stores – boring! Haven’t had time to make any for longer than that. Did make a couple sets 10+ years ago to sell at our church craft fair.

  58. I don’t remember the when I purchased the last set of placemats, but it’s time for them to be replaced. These fabrics look great in placemats & would be so fun to use. I agree that we don’t set formal place settings as much anymore, but every once-in-a-while I’d like some that are pretty.

  59. I have never bought placemats (think I got a set as a bridal shower gift); I use tablecloths for more formal meals. However, I did make my sons each placemats.

  60. Purchased place mats? I can’t remember. I do have one that must be 20 years old, but who knows where it is. These are fun fabrics, and there is a wedding coming up in the near future.

  61. It has been many years since I have bought place mats. I do believe, I made our last set of placemats. Yet, with it being just hubby and I and our kitchen table is my sewing center, we rarely eat at the table. I do however think that your placemats are fabulous and they would be fabulous gifts especially with this spectacular fabric line! Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  62. I loooove placemats!!! Always look for them in Clearance..and have found sets that have never been used at Thrift stores too (price tags still on em!) Your placemats are Gorgeous!! Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 🙂

  63. It has been a super long time since I have purchased placemats. I enjoy making my own and also gifting some to my sister.

  64. I bought some Christmas placemats a couple of years ago–just couldn’t resist them. The rest of our placemats are homemade, which I prefer, because I can add to our stash with abandon. 🙂

  65. I actually bought plastic placemats last week at the Dollar Tree. Impulse purchase–they were cute.

  66. What a great project! It has been a long time since I have had placemats. I think I got some for my wedding 11 years ago. I should whip some up. They look like a great way to practice free motion quilting as well. Thanks for sharing with us!

  67. Oh, dear, I bought a mickey mouse place mat probably like 20 years ago, but I just made several a few months ago. I love your place mats!

  68. I still use placemats every day. I make my own and have consider using the same tutorial and had the same thought to put the leaves on the right side! Your placemats are beautiful!

  69. We use placemats every day. I bought some cheap plastic ones that I use, but I really need some pretty ones like yours!!

  70. I’ve never really seen the point of placemats. Just something you have to take off before you wash the table. Table clutter. 🙂

  71. What a breath of fresh air! Beautiful fabric and the appliqué on the side was perfection. I do live part of the year in the US so I am eligible. 🙂

  72. I luv the spring colors and your placemats. I just bought some teal plastic placemats from Bed Bath & B for my new house at the beach. Yours would look lovely here. 😘

  73. I bought some quilted solid red and green Christmas color placemats at a thrift store this year -I use them on my end tables year round!

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