Time for Refueling

I’m Elizabeth, the girl behind the pump that fuels this blog.
I’m a quilter, mother, grandmother, wife, reader, writer, cook, housecleaner, recent PT-goer, free-motion-quilter. My driver’s license lies about my weight, my age, and how I look, for I’m really a care-free sylph of a girl, who really just wants to have fun
This is me on a good day.

Other days, I’m just trying to be a maker, in between keeping the station running.

But it is time for some refueling.  Time to break away from social media, writing, cleaning, cooking, stitching……time to fill up the creative tank……and look under the hood.

I’m off to get some Signal Lubrication, a check of the whitewalls,
and to sit on the back of a convertible without seatbelts (how did they ever get away with this?)
I’ll be back!





20 thoughts on “Time for Refueling

  1. Sure understand about needing to take a break! Its good for one’s mental health. Have a good time! And thanks for sharing some fun pictures. Ahh. The good old days.

  2. Enjoy. I had planned to go to the gym this morning. But the last few weeks were high-busy, and the next couple will be, too. Today I’m just tired. So I decided to reserve the energy and stay home.

  3. Let’s go pick up some spark plugs, girl! Or someone who knows how to install spark plugs….just sayin’

  4. Enjoy your break. You are creative even in telling us you’re taking a break! I’ll look forward to seeing you August 1.

  5. Enjoy your break, I’m on a break also but not of my choosing. My desktop is acting up and I finally took it in to be serviced. Can’t wait to get it back so I can share adventures again.

    Refuel, renew and re- energize during your break. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to.

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