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March Madness Coming


I have been working with Painter’s Palette Solids for nearly two years now in various capacities (quilt designer, mostly) and I love these fabrics not only for their wide range of colors, but also for the hand–or how it feels. They are made by Paintbrush Studios. pbstudios_1

I was contacted by them to help them with their launch of the fabrics, to make them a quilt for Quilt Market announcing these solids.  I designed a quilt, sent off my fabrics request and started working.  I fell in love with the saturation of color, the fine thread count–but not so much that it’s too lightweight, like a batiste (which wrinkles terribly)–but enough that it was easy-to-work with, to cut and to sew.


And since I was sewing for someone else and I was hyper-vigilant about matching the seams, etc., it also held up while I ripped out and resewed seams, without showing cloth fatigue or looking used.  I was amazed at this new line of solids and have been working with them for a while now, waiting as they rolled out their fabrics for sale across the United States.

QMarket3_FocusAnd now again, I get another chance to play with my beloved Painters Palette Solids!  They are running a March Madness contest, starting Friday, and at the end of the contest, they will draw two winners to win free fabric…and I hope one of them is you.


More details are coming on Friday (3/24), with voting in brackets (just like the real March Madness) beginning on Monday, March 27th.  I’ll have a bundle of colors that will go up against other quilters with their bundles of colors.  Vote for the one you like the best in the categories, and send your favorites to the top (I like mine, but it’s also great if you like someone else’s too).

March Madness 2017 button

So, play March Madness Mad for Solids and vote for your favorite bundles.  See you Friday.

7 thoughts on “March Madness Coming

  1. I’m tickled that you blogged about Fabri-Quilt, and Painter’s Palette Solids. I’m sure I read a previous post about them from you, but I didn’t make a connection until just now. These are the solids I purchased at QuiltCon! I was looking for Kona solids and none were to be found. So, I bought three colors/three yards of PP. I completely agree with your assessment of them! They’re in the Bars Quilt I’m just finishing up. And even more coincidental is the fact that Fabri-Quilt is located in Kansas City, where all my family lives! So, it’s really a small world. I’m happy for you to be designing for them and using their fabrics. It’s good stuff!

  2. I had the chance to use Painter’s Palette Solids recently in an applique mini-class and just loved it so count me in for (more) March Madness!

  3. You have just introduced me to Painters’ Palette Solids; now to see if they are locally available. Your quilt looks great both by itself and in their display.

  4. I remember seeing that quilt in person at Quilt Con. The colors are really wonderful. Glad to hear they are nice to stitch as well.

  5. I finally had a chance to pet (and buy) the Painter’s Palette solids at QuiltCon 2017. The hand is like butter and the depth of color fabulous. Too bad my LQS don’t carry it (yet).

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