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Spelling Bee 2016 Wrap-Up

Last year I had this idea that I wanted to try, and so I rounded up some willing participants and we made ourselves a Spelling Bee.

quiltabecedaryI started it by creating a blog that was dedicated to free tutorials to make these free-form letters, without the use of patterns or papers.  Some were pretty wild, but it was a great challenge.  And then we all started by choosing a phrase or a poem or a group of words and entered them into a Google Spreadsheet (we were all tired of trying to use Flickr).  This is the wrap-up post, showing our collective work of The Spelling Bee ( found as #spellingbeequilt on Instagram, where we posted our photos).


This is my phrase, done in reds, creams and pinks.  I do have plans for it.johnson_spelling-bee

Lisa (aka Nymblefyngers on IG), a first-time bee participant, decided on lots of bug words for her quilt, and people carried out the theme by making them in bug fabrics.mary-s_spelling-bee

Mary, who writes the Needled Mom blog, made fun sewing-themed blocks to add to the words in her quilt.carla_spelling-bee

Carla, of Grace and Favor, recently opened a yarn shop in her town, and requested knitting terms.snooks_spelling-bee

Susan finished her quilt the first, showing it off here and on her blog, PatchworknPlay.  This truly typifies Susan’s attitude towards life!foster_spelling-bee

Just to keep us on our toes, Kerry of PennyDog Patchwork,  decided she wanted us to try her “digital” alphabet, and we made up the names of the provinces of Canada, her new country. While the how-to’s for the regular alphabet are free on the blog Quilt Abecedary, this style is Kerry’s own.bradford_spelling-bee

Simone, of Quiltalicious, tried to make us all go crazy by asking for color names, but in different shades.  A couple of us dutifully cranked out our word, only to realize that we sewn it up in the wrong color.  We were all getting pretty good at this point.kolb_spelling-bee

Mary (aka maryonlakepulaski on IG) wanted the names of her family.rachel_spelling-bee

Since bee-keeping was a new passion for Rachel (The Life of Riley), we all sent bee-words to her.

Brenda (aka brendaandblue on IG), requested words that describe all those things that make her happy: “comfort words.”


Cindy of LiveAColorfulLife, is doing the words to one of her favorite songs; unlike her name, she went with black, white, cream and grays to put together her phrase.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this wrap-up of our word adventure!  If you ever jump in and make a word or two, drop me a note as I’d love to see them.


tiny nine patches

Coming soon: a new bee!



tiny nine patches

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10 thoughts on “Spelling Bee 2016 Wrap-Up

  1. I have a “quilts with words” catagory in my very long “quilts to do” list. I will have to check out your tutorials. Happy New Year Elizabeth!

  2. What a unique and creative bee! I’m impressed by all the variations of the words, and how each is applicable to each individual. Very special! Susan’s finish is particularly impressive. Well done designing the letters, Elizabeth, and well done leading the group.

  3. Another fun wrap-up. Quite fun to see all the words and phrases that people chose. Even though I opted not to play along when you first started, seeing these words come together throughout the year led me to request my ‘Bee’ letters for the MCMBee when it was my turn.

  4. Lovely to see all the words made throughout the year! Thank you for ably leading us to this experience and providing your expertise in creating the individual letters! Here’s to a successful Gridster Bee too!

  5. I’m excited to finish up my quilt in the new year. I’ve wanted these lyrics memorialized in some way forever!

  6. I have loved your wrap ups and seeing all of the words come together. It was such a fun bee and you did a great job in organizing us. My mind is still taxed by the color words. Not sure it will ever recover!!!

  7. That was a nice wrap up, Elizabeth. Curious as to what your new bee will be, as you seemed to be winding up everything you’ve been doing to this point. Amazed that your mid-century modern bee is finally quitting. It’s been fun to follow!


    bwiseman@neb.rr.com 402-486-3220

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