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To Do List and En Provence Mystery Quilt


In one month, I finished off two things.  And added one: Quiltville Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence Mystery Quilt.  In my defense, I also finished making all the words for the Alphabet Quilt, and just picked up the Halloween Quilt from the quilter’s, which now needs binding.  Wait, I may have added one more thing: setting the brain working on what to do with the Christmas Tree Blocks, and if I’ll make any more.en-provence_1

Part one of the En Provence Mystery Quilt asked us to make 221 of these four-patch groups.  I was able to make 207, and will find the time to make the others in the future.en-provence_2

Part Two asked us to use the Tri-Recs tool and make 100 of these units.  I started in on scrappy (above) but soon switched to one-fabric, running out before I finished.  Never fear.  More fabric is en route to finish them off.en-provence_2a

I’m pretty sure that’s about as caught up as I’m going to be from here on out, but it’s a good start.


Click •here• to see what’s up on her website.

Warning: she has a TON of blinky advertisements, but very graciously has created a PDF of each step that we can download.  And never fear, you will able to purchase her pattern after the Quiltville Mystery is over with in her online shop.

tiny nine patches
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10 thoughts on “To Do List and En Provence Mystery Quilt

  1. That’s some ‘to do’ list! I love the look of the mystery quilt! A fun project! I’m busy making a 2017 list, of quilts I want to make…..if I can get my three WIPs finished soon! Happy sewing!

  2. I’d say you have made great progress – much better than I have lately. Now you have more 4-patch blocks to make – in pretty colors. 😉 Looking forward to seeing the Halloween quilt finished.

  3. I have to agree – it looks like art. I need to prioritize or I get easily distracted. Nothing like a deadline to get me moving. Just this week I created a UFO 2017 form for one of my quilt bees. Several members of both bees I belong to felt that the UFO Challenge helped spur them into action. I must admit, I got a couple of old projects completed. (Certainly not all 12 on the list). I keep getting tempted & distracted by things like the mystery quilt Bonnie Hunter does and one that Carole – does. So, my UFO project list has grown substantially. Those new projects get in the way of wrapping up and finishing old projects. I’ve sworn off mysteries for a while, but love “lurking” in the background to see what people are working on.

  4. Well done for finishing!
    I too have been crossing things off my list but adding new things that I should not. In my defence, the new projects I started, included the one I started cutting yesterday afternoon, can all be made from stash.

  5. Good for you! It’s great that you’re tackling Bonnie’s mystery. I know some quilters do it every year, but once was enough for me! I prefer to know in advance what I’m spending my time to make. It will be fun to watch your progress though, and I know your finish will be beautiful. Enjoy playing with all your ideas. I think that’s the best part of quiltmaking.

  6. Like your To Do List. Glad you are joining in on the mystery as I am doing that one too. It is hard to resist if you are a Bonnie Hunter fan as I am. I have about 3 so far on my to do list which are UFOs and have made it a point to send pictures next year of my completed projects. One other one is the Sarah Fielke Block of the Month which I am really excited about and that will take the whole year to complete. Enjoy 2017 and your new machine which it looks like you are doing great things with.

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