Quarterly Challenge for November 2016


Since we are doing a yearly theme of color, the next challenge also has to do with a particular hue.  Rachel just announced our theme of “I’ve got the blues” for our November 2016 challenge.  As you all know, our art quilts are smallish (no exact size anymore) which allows us to complete them quickly, and to follow our hearts in constructing them.

I immediately thought of some blue quilts when I read the new challenge. Enjoy the show.

Rosette 1_OPQuiltcom
Rosette #1 from a quilt in progress

But “got the blues” can also mean sadness, as in this quilt, depicting a mother saying good-bye to her newly deceased newborn child:

Most of these quilts are from past Road to California quilt shows; here’s what I wrote at that time:

Surrender was a quiet quilt, tucked in among some showier ones, but took my breath away for the depiction of a mother saying good-bye to her newly deceased newborn. Maria Elkins of Ohio, paid homage to all those moms who have had to say farewell at birth.  She dedicated it to her grandchild, “who was given into the loving hands of her daughter and son-in-law.”

And finally, another inference, as shown by this quilt:

Kathryn Nolte, from La Habra Heights, California created this visual feast, titled Take in the Night Blooming Jazz, Man.  Sinewy, fluid shapes echo the subject of her quilt, with a real live “piano key” border.  This, too, could be a rendition of “I’ve got the blues.”



Tranquil blue




Blue ....

(All photos above from a Flickr search)

Can’t wait to let this one percolate into something fun!

5 thoughts on “Quarterly Challenge for November 2016

  1. Gorgeous examples of blues. I LOVE your blue rosette. Beautiful!!! I use a cool color palette for quite a few of my quilts but have not made many all blue quilts. Rhythm and Blues made for the first QuiltCon was one and another was the mini from Four inArt. I really liked both. I’ve been planning on expanding on my color blog series and adding aqua to the lineup. I did blue last year. Your post is motivating me to get back to the series. Enjoy feeling the blues in a good way. : )

  2. What a lovely range of blues. I love the dusty plant ones. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Blue is my absolute fav.

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