Chuck Nohara Blocks This Far


Well, I’ve finished three of the four June blocks.

June ChuckNohara16block

(a truly hideous nighttime photo)

The last block won’t be finished until July, because I lost my mind and chose something that is insanely complicated.  My block buddies, Susan and Betty didn’t complain at all, even though when they saw it, they must have known I was nuts.  That happens sometimes.
ChuckNoharar June 2016blocks

Here’s all the blocks so far: thirty-two fun little six-inch squares.  Susan chose the heart-in-the-hand block and I love it.UmanaUppercaseQuilts

I was busy the last couple of days making these two small quilts.  They are a combination of masterful creative ideas and talents from Kevin Umaña, and Janine Vangool’s Uppercase fabrics.  I have a post planned next Tuesday showing them off.  I even have a giveaway, courtesy of Ms. Vangool.


I’ve also been busy finished the stitching on our Oh Christmas Tree Quilt, which will post on Saturday with the first of the borders — the troublesome red-triangle border. All secrets are revealed that day (and yes, there’s a giveaway that day, too.  These are getting out of hand, I think). . .

Simone's Color Chart

Simone posted her requests for the Oh Spelling Bee and used the above chart to help us reference her colors.  It was too cool to hide, so thank you, Simone.  Some of those color names are awesome: “Papaya Whip,” and “Alice Blue,” and “Old Lace Floral White.”

June block_1

I finished my block for that bee even before June started.  This was for Kerry of PennyDog fame.  I felt so smug as I mailed it off a couple of days early.  Then a friend in the bee reminded me that I hadn’t paid attention to the colors that Kerry wanted.  Smug faded right off my face.  Time for a re-do.  Kerry asked us to do all the names of the Canadian Provinces, as she just immigrated there from England.  (I guess she made it out of Britain before Brexit!)June block_2

Here is the re-do.  She made up her own pixelated alphabet, not using the one the rest of us are (that one is on Quilt Abecedary, if you want it), but the word went together pretty quickly.  I do think this version of the word “Alberta” is easier to read than my first one, so yay.  PressWrap1

I’ve perfected my mailing to Canada: buy some Press N’ Seal, that sticky plastic wrap, and tear off a square.  Fold your stuff-to-mail (just about one block only) the shape of your envelope.PressWrap2

Fold over one side, and smooth the heck out of it.  Make it really flat.  Then smash it some more, scooting all the air bubbles out to the side.PressWrap3

Fold it again and again, smooshing after each fold.  Squish squish squish out all the air bubbles and make it as flat as possible.PressWrap4

Slide into your envelope and mail.  I can send it from the US for a little over a buck.


I’ll be taking a class with Gwen Marston on Friday, and can’t believe it.  I tried to get into her classes at QuiltCon Pasadena, but they were all sold out even before I could get the log-in code to work. Since she’s retiring in 2017, I feel really fortunate to slide into one of her last classes, held in conjunction with the Seven Sisters Quilt Show.

I’m so excited!

14 thoughts on “Chuck Nohara Blocks This Far

  1. I love seeing all your Chuck blocks together! I took a group shot today too! You seem to be missing one Elizabeth (#1604) I’m sure you made it!
    I went and checked out Kevin Umana’s work and started following him on IG! Very cool stuff!
    “Press and Seal”- what wonderful stuff that is! I had wondered about, because that is another thing we can’t buy in Australia!
    Enjoy your workshop with Gwen! How lucky are you….

  2. Oh, time spent with Gwen M. I look forward to reading anything you will share from that class–insights, impressions, fangirl notes. (I’m projecting here…) We are fortunate that after she retires we will have her brilliant books to refer to again and again; every time I read mine, I learn or am reminded of something “new” or important.

  3. What a jam packed post! Yay for Gwen! Hurray for Janine’s fabrics (I am saving up to buy those later this year. I want the whole FQ set [would love half yards but can’t save THAT much money.])

    I am totally stealing that coloured word picture. And question about press and seal – do you know if you can quilt through it? I was thinking about tracing a quilting design and stitching right through it. Thoughts?

  4. Hey Elizabeth. Lots of sewing going on at your place. Lovely blocks. Hope your Alberta block arrives before our pending postal strike : (
    Your Nohara blocks are darling!

  5. What a treat taking a class from Gwen Marston. You are so lucky and I bet you learn a lot from her. Your Chuck Nohara blocks are wonderful and one thing you ca say no matter how complicated the blocks are you are learning so much doing them. I don’t know how you get so much done in your busy schedule but guess the more you have on your plate the more you get accomplished. Thanks for the post and the wonderful pictures. Looking forward to the post of the Oh Christmas Tree. Mine are going slow as I’m still getting settled and getting my sewing room in order. Have a great week and look forward to your comments on your class.

  6. I LOVE all of your Chuck Nohara blocks. It was really fun to see them all together.
    What a thrill it will be to take a class with Gwen Marston. Her work is amazing.
    I’m looking forward to Simone’s words next month. I love her idea.
    Your applique piece will be incredible when finished. Is there a group of blocks that go with it or is it a medallion piece? Great fabrics in it. It looks like it would be a fun take along project too.

  7. Boy, Elizabeth, you sure are busy! I’m trying to finish up a Fancy Forest baby quilt for a baby that’s ready to pop and a quick throw for my brother who is going through chemo. I bought some precuts, so hopefully it will go quickly. My Q20 is back home and it’s a long weekend, so I’m hoping to get them both finished up this . But what I wanted to pick your brain about, if I may, is the Chuck Nohara blocks. I rather cluelessly set out on the Farmer’s Wife adventure with Very Kerry Berry this year. I never realized what a HUGE commitment it would be. I loved every minute and learned a lot. It was really challenging as I had never foundation pieced before. But, at this point, that is what I’m looking for – challenging projects that stretch my comfort zone a bit. I feel I am really weak at color selection – I always go the safe route. I’m so attracted to Jen Kingwell and Denyse Schmidt, I think because their color sense is so brave! In any event, I’m wondering if you think this would be a good next project. I’m also wondering how you wound up with the order on the blocks. Kerry did the FW in the order of the book which appeals to my accountant mind. Angie from Gnome Angel is going least to most difficult and I find it hard to follow. Also, you can’t work ahead because you don’t know what the next block is. We have lost 2 shops this summer, 1 of which are the only modern fabrics within 20 miles. One of the more traditional shops is trying to step into the breach and is now stocking Tula and Fassett. There’s an incredible shop in Portsmouth New Hampshire – not a day trip, but once you factor in a lovely lunch, it is almost. I feel like I don’t get a huge opportunity to get exposure to more challenging projects. Anyway, I’d appreciate your thoughts. I am DREADFULLY behind on the Christmas Tree. I think I may skip on to the piecing and work on the ornaments/birds as I can. Dang it, the day job seriously impedes on my sewing time! I also started the Primitive Gatherings summer block of the freaking WEEK. I just love wool work. And, well, every other kind of sewing….. Have a great 4th! My daughter is trying to get me down to the Esplanade for the Pops. We’ve never been! We’ll see. It’s been a busy month and I’d sure enjoy an uninterrupted sew day….. best always carol

    Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 04:12:00 +0000 To: cgillen@outlook.com

  8. Have a good time at 7 Sisters and have fun in your class. Jane and I missed the show last year due to conflicts but we went up to SLO the week after – it was lovely up there and we did a quilt run all the way up and back!
    Jane and I are going to Sisters, leaving on Sunday, and got into an Ann Shaw 2 day class and a fabric dying class. I checked the weather up there – in the 80’s during the day but drops into the 40’s at night.

  9. Don’t forget to pinch your lines on your applique – makes it easier to turn them under.

  10. You are VERY inspirational, as usual! Love your blocks, and hope you have a fabulous time with Gwen—-I’m sure you will! Thanks for sharing!

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