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A Little Inspiration, A Little Bit of Work

Sometimes, like after I’ve been gone from sewing for a while, I need to ease my way back into the creating.  Sometimes I like to visit blogs by quilters, such as Jane Sassaman.

Sassaman collage quilt

(from Jane Sassaman’s blog)

Kevin Umana

(from Kevin Umana’s IG feed)

Other times I like to check in with artists. . .


. . . and graphic artists. . .

inspiration Sagrada Familia

. . .architecture (photos of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona). . .

Alcazar Tiles

. . . and other makers’ work, like yours:

Quilt Makers

But then I remember that applying the seat of my pants to the sewing chair is what gets things done.  Or as Chuck Close put it:


What gets you going, after a dry spell?

I really loved reading about all your travels, and hoped-for travels.  You do inspire me to consider new destinations to investigate.  Congratulations to Betty, our winner of the pearl cotton threads:

Betty Winner Threads


I’ll get those out to you in the mail.  Look for my note via email.

9 thoughts on “A Little Inspiration, A Little Bit of Work

  1. Yippee – and thank you for sharing your well-traveled threads! Thanks also for sharing these links, esp. Jane Sassaman – a little more chatter for my brain!

  2. On returning from holidays, after some adjustment time to not living from a suitcase, and the home time zone, I tend to sit at my sewing table and ‘play’…. As Chuck says, ‘just get to work’ and pull this in or push this away! Without much thought, the making begins!

  3. Congratulations to Betty. I am sure she is going to have fun with those threads.

    Inspiration, for me, comes from everywhere, but just sitting down and starting is the best mojo.

  4. As always, you write about things that strike a chord with me. This time it was definitely the last quote about inspiration. I need to print that one up and post it on top of my computer. Maybe it would help me leave the computer closed and turn around in my chair to the sewing machine.

  5. I tidy up if I’m stuck. (My sewing area, not the house). Putting things away puts me in contact with all of my fabrics and I usually find inspiration somewhere. And my area is tidy again!

  6. Congratulations to Betty. Your post sounds like just what I need to hear from a “seasoned coach” to get me going again. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Such a nice blog post. Really good suggestions for inspiration, and the last quote is spot on. I’d like some quality “sewing chair time,” but my Pfaff Grand Quilter is giving me fits. A tech can’t look at it until Friday either. So I have LOTS of good intentions – six quilt tops are waiting for quilting – but the equipment to accomplish it fails me. Guess I’ll have to dig through UFOs and see which one I might put out of it’s (my?) misery. 🙂

  8. How could those beautiful geometric designs not light a fire in your quilting heart? I expect to see some of those designs in your work in the future.

  9. I’ve had a hard time this year so far in easy into sewing. I really WANT to, but then I just want to sit and read a book. Tidying up helps. And looking at all the inspiration photos I have taken is sparking some new ideas, so that’s a good thing.

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