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Halloween 1904 Quilt-A-Long

Halloween Quilt 1904

(Picture borrowed from the amazing Thelma of Cupcakes and Daisies here)

So now that the Spelling Bee is underway for the year, as well as some other quilt-a-longs I’m involved in (Oh Christmas Tree) I thought I’d get going on the Hallowe’en 1904 quilt.  The pattern was found for me by Leslie, a fabulous reader, and I’ve already roped in one friend to do this with me.  The quilt was designed by Barb Adams of Blackbird Designs.  If you want to follow along, I’ve figured out how we’re going to get done by August, leaving you plenty of time to get it quilted and bound by October.  My friend is doing it with me, so you may see some of her work here as well as  mine.

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So here is how I’ve envisioned dividing up the quilt into steps (yes, that’s me up there, conjuring up more time at the sewing machine):

Step 1 halloweenQAL

Step 1: February 2016–buy all the fabrics and find the pattern.  Mine was purchased from Common Threads in Waxahachie, TX (www.commonthreadsquilting.com).  The quilt measures 90 by 90, which is too large for me, so I’m only doing nine blocks.  Each block is 20″ square, and with the outer borders, that should come to roughly  65″ square.  I may change my mind, but this looks good from here.

Step 2: March 2016–Cut out the quilt: the tan backgrounds of the squares, the border triangles, the smaller half-square triangles, and the piano key border

Step 3: April 2016–Assemble three blocks and add pumpkin appliques, using the pumpkin appliqué pattern.  We’ll be adding the HST borders in July, so don’t worry about that now. Because I am not a big believer in re-inventing the wheel, we’ll use Thelma’s method (of Cupcakes and Daisies) for adding the curlicue stem. (NOTE: I’m making a smaller quilt, so will only be doing 2 pumpkins.)

Step 4: May 2016–Assemble two blocks and appliqué one cat, and one owl (refer to Thelma’s quilt).

Step 5: June 2016–Assemble the rest of the blocks.  For me that is five blocks of stars.  We’ll be using Thelma’s method.

Step 6: July 2016–It’s half-square triangle month–HSTs until you can’t see straight, and then you’ll sew them onto your blocks..  There are 24 HST for each block.  In the pattern, and in the photo above from Thelma, they are mixed up and varied, but also harmonized (some have a mix of orange and black, some have just black, some have just orange.)  Make your own rules and go with it.

Step 7: August 2016–Cut piano key borders and the four pinwheels in each corner.  Sew them together and attach them to the quilt.

Ta-done!  My job as a quilt-a-long crazy person is to lay out the steps and to get you (and me) to the end.  From here you’ll do the quilting and the binding.

Hope you decide to join us, and finally have that Halloween quilt you’ve always wanted on October 1st. . . instead of the usual 31st.  To keep in the spirit of things, the Hallowe’en Quilt QAL will post on the 13th of every month. . . whenever that is.

Halloween Greetings


Update on Oh Christmas Tree QAL:  I’ve updated Step: Prepare to include a couple more places to buy high quality wool felt.  In addition, I’ve been working ahead on the circles, and have a few tips on how to construct them (from Wendy in New Zealand), so you may want to hold off on cutting the circles all out of felt, until you read the next post on March 2nd.  Lastly, today I saw the Simply Moderne magazine at my local JoAnn’s store, if you are still looking for it.

11 thoughts on “Halloween 1904 Quilt-A-Long

  1. Elizabeth, I’m amazed at how similar our taste in quilts is. I have this pattern and it’s been in my WIP pile for several years . I’ve accomplished very little in its creation. Some stars appliqued-using a blanket stitch. I’ll have to follow along and try to keep up. It’s a favorite. However the Oh Christmas tree QAL will be my first challenge.

  2. That would be fun. I agree that the smaller version would be more doable around here, but the 9 block one is a good size too. I’ll have to consider this one.

  3. That’s one of the more attractive Hallowe’en quilts. I have so many WIPs that I’m resisting, though. I should pace one of my WIPs like you have paced this quilt–maybe it would get finished by Oct.

  4. Have fun with your Halloween quilt! I know for certain that I won’t be tempted by this one-it’s not a holiday we celebrate here in Australia much and not in our family at all! I look forward to seeing your fabric choices and the blocks come together!

  5. My you are ambitious with your quilt alongs this year. I don’t decorate much for Halloween now that the kids are grown.

  6. Let me see if I can find my paper I did my math on and will send you a pic and the cutting instructions. I’ll look for it tomorrow.

  7. Hi Elizabeth – I would love to join in but as I’m doing the Oh Christmas QAL and a few others I have too much on my plate. I probably would do the 9 blocks too as a wall quilt is more my speed when I decorate for the holidays. I will look forward to seeing the progress on all that are doing the QAL.

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