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Starting in January, I will be participating in a one-year term group where we will make words for each other, with the end goal to make a quilt of letters and phrases and words.  Since gathering the group together, though, I realized that although I loved quilty words, I hadn’t the faintest idea about making them.

I bought two books (one recently and one a few whiles back) and read them both cover to cover.  Then I decided I wanted to have the best of both worlds: the fun wonkiness of Tonya Ricucci’s Word Play Quilts and the shapes and precision of Sam Hunter’s Quilt Talk.  I bought the Kindle version of Quilt Talk, which included a digital printout of the letters, but I just couldn’t face doing foundation paper piecing for an entire alphabet, so instead I printed out the pages with her drawings of the letters’ shapes and used that as a guideline.Quilt Abecedary titleAll of this is to say that I started a new blog: Quilt Abecedary.

I, like many of you, are fascinated by font and words and graphic design.  I always say in another life, I would have gotten a graphic design degree, but alas, that life is in the past.  So maybe this is a way for me to have fun with type and typography in a quilty way.

What is an abecedary?  Or an abecedarian?  I wrote about it on my introductory post, but both are known as types of ABC primers, or a record of the alphabet in some fashion.  More info about an early stone abecedary can be found on the post for the Letter B.

I have included a tab above, Quilt Abecedary, where I will link over to individual letters as I get them made.  My goal is to do one a day in the month of October and with tomorrow’s posting, I’ll have finished from A to E.

It’s not really meant to have followers, as it will be a completed reference work, with a finite finish date and serves as a documented journey of my working my way through the alphabet.  If you are going to try your hand at making quilt words, you may want to check it out.  I also have a Pinterest Board dedicated to word quilts, just to inspire you.

My apologies to those of you who received my unfinished post, Rolling Rainbow.  Sometimes things just get the better of me.

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12 thoughts on “Quilt Abecedary

  1. I’m so excited for this group. I have both those books too but have done improv letters. Lots of brain power ; )
    I wish I could pronounce your fancy word haha!

  2. Love this idea. Is there a way to follow this blog via e-mail? Didn’t see one, but then I’m known to be blind about such things. I’m not always so faithful about using the readers.

    You are so ambitions. I trust that means that you are recovering well from the surgery and the accompanying stress and strain. You certainly seem to be moving at top speed.

    BTW, I have to thank you for introducing me to the quilters in the Spelling Bee. I’m working on learning how to use instagram, and may even work up the courage through this bee to start posting on the blog (probably anonymously or under a pseudomym or six!).

    Hugs and good wishes flowing your way – every day.


    bwiseman@neb.rr.com 402-486-3220

  3. Your comment about being a designer rang true with me too! I love design and graphics and often wonder about what a career along those lines would have been like??? I look forward to seeing your alphabet grow! And fancy, another blog to read!

  4. Great idea! Looking forward to taking part. You may want to move me further back in the year though, I’m finally crossing the ocean in January!!

  5. Funny how sometimes the ‘mind hive’ catches us up. I’ve had words and letters working in the back of my mind for at least a year or two. I tried to get the letters from the Moda blog hop thing, without much success, some of those blogs were a bit of a disaster 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be watching, and probably working along in my own way.

  6. I was reading an article in the September 2015 copy of Popular Patchwork Magazine and in it is an article called The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. In it it talked about the quilts that had been rejected by Quiltcon and there was a quote by you in the section called Postmodern Inspiration with a picture of your Colorwheel Blossom quilt that was rejected by Quiltcon. I didn’t realize there was such a fine line between modern and postmodern quilts. It was interesting article and your comment was interesting as well. I didn’t know if you knew about it so I just wanted you to know. Hopefully they quoted you correctly. Have a good day. Diana

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