Sewing, Tasking, Listening, Remembering


Sewing This: Sometimes you just need a new direction when you are sick of your own sewing.   The free tutorial for this block, from Sew Kylie, is found *here.*  My bee-mate chose it for her month, and it was a lovely change. UPDATE 10/18: The pattern in three sizes is now found on Craftsy.

UPDATE June 2019:  The pattern is no longer found on BluPrint/Craftsy, however it is now found on PayHip.  This is her newest version, which includes three different sizes.

SewKylie StarrySky

Here are four blocks together.  The photo is from her previous blog.

Early Sept Projects

Tasking This: Mostly I just sit around and stare at my Get To Work Book calendar (realizing that most pages have one entry on each: “nap”), but occasionally I can produce.  Above are a few recent successes (a label from my Mini House Swap that my partner received–made in June–and yes, she loved it!), two Dumpling Pouches (which take all of 45 minutes each) and a re-working of a quilt square (made in 2006–I simply backed it, quilted it simply and bound it)  into a flat pillow to cushion the pulling of the seat belt when I drive.  Doesn’t that all look so productive?

long way home

Listening to This:  Louise Penny’s tenth Inspector Gamache book.  Number 11 (The Nature of the Beast) was released this fall, so I still have another to savor. Here’s the order of the books (better to read them in order):

Inspector Gamache

Remembering This:

Ground Zero Mem13


12 thoughts on “Sewing, Tasking, Listening, Remembering

  1. What a beautiful and somewhat poignant post Elizabeth! The bee block is awaiting me when I have finished celebrating my sisters 60th birthday! Love the little dumpling pouches and the memorial to 9/11…

  2. I love that bee block and those little pouches are just fabulous. Your remake of the block is a great idea.

    It’s hard to believe fourteen years have passed. May we never forget as the years and lives move on.

  3. Dear Elizabeth, Did you lose a friend on 9/11? The two American Airlines pilots were friends of mine. The 2nd Tower and the Pentagon. Such a sad day for our country. Love, Leslie

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  4. Love your block for Mary. I look forward to getting mine made as I liked this one from the first time I saw it online. And for someone who’s been ‘out of the sewing loop’ you sure have gotten lots done. Way more then me and I have no excuse other than summer.

  5. I’ve read all her books and would definitely recommend you read them in order. More interesting that way. Thanks for the head’s up on the new title. Will watch for it.

  6. I’m a Louise Penny fan too! Just finished her newest book and it’s great, just as her other books are! Quilting and reading Louise Penny – it can’t get better than this!

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