Summer’s Hot and the Recuperating is Easy

Hot Summer 104Let’s start with the first item: summer’s hot, and yessiree it is.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 108.  This is a good time to stay inside and keep getting better, which leads us to the second item: recovery.

Recovering Activities

Here are some of my recovery activities, omitting the one I do most: lay on the bed.  I finished up my Rosette #3 in periwinkles, blue and purples (below) and started putting Rosette #4 together.  The photo in the upper left took about a week to do, in twenty minute intervals off the pillow.  I continued sewing up little felt creations from kits I’d picked up at quilt shows (why do I buy these?) and thought I’d finished them all.  However, I found another batch in the closet yesterday.  My husband took me for a Big Day Out to Cinnabon, and I could only eat half of a mini, a side-effect of surgery.  Nightly I would I arrange my applesauce and spoon for the 3 a.m. pain meds routine, which I am happy to say, as of today, has been phased out.  However, I am still in my nightgown, so be sure to call first before showing up on my doorstep.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time stitching while watching movies, because I am always tired and because apparently I had a serious case of Bonzo-Brain (from the effects of the anesthesia and pain killers).  I found this out because my son told me I was “a lot more coherent than last time we talked.”  And my husband says “you’re more alert now.”  And my mother says “you are sounding so much better today.”  Good to know that I have people who love me and will humor me when I am functioning at toddler level.

Rosette #3 photo

Rosette 4 center sewn

Here’s the center of Rosette #4, all sewn up.  It may take me another week to get the next round, at the rate I’m going.

Chuck Nohara examples

Because I now also apparently function at teenager level with my phone in my hand while I lie in bed (tablets are too big and a laptop is way out of the question), I discovered the Chuck Nohara Instagram group and fell in love with these amazing little six-inch appliqué blocks.

Chuck Nohara book

Which led to the QuiltMania website and the purchase of this book, which may or may not have had the most expensive postage I’ve ever encountered in my life.  Even accounting for the lack of critical thinking during the Bonzo-Brain state, I was pretty freaked out.

Chuck Nohara book in transitWhich has led to my obsessive compulsion with tracking the dumb thing.  That book is going way more interesting places than the Cinnabon shop at the mall.  (Attention FED EX: For the record,  I live in California.  Why is it stopping in Memphis?)

pajama party retro

But there are two things that have gotten me through these past few weeks. The first and foremost has been my amazing husband, always asking me if he can do something for me, putting lotion on my toes and pulling up the covers for me in the middle of the night (because I can’t reach either of them).  He has cooked for me, done the wash, brought in the mail, fixed me fresh orange juice every morning and taken me to the doctor appointments.  He listens to me when I cry, reminding me that I will be in recovery for 6-8 weeks and it’s only nearing the end of week three and would I like to get out and take a drive?  And we do and I stop crying and take a deep breath at how beautiful the world is, even if the temperatures are soaring.

Then I go and lay on the bed, my phone in my hand and read about you all on blogs and IG, distracting me in a lovely way from this work I am doing at getting better.  This is the other thing that has gotten me through: my family, friends, and the sweet messages of hope and encouragement and inspiration from you, just like we were all girlfriends hanging out together in our jammies, drinking root beer and playing records and the ukulele.  I am always amazed at how much we have come to know each other through correspondence and sharing activities, as well as quilting together.

Thank you all, so very much.  You kind attentions have made my tough summer a bit more easy.


16 thoughts on “Summer’s Hot and the Recuperating is Easy

  1. You don’t sound like a toddler . . . or even a teenager. I would like to hear that sometime. Keep getting better and better.

  2. My friend Marg (mj_inparadise) is making these blocks! You are going to rock this! What is it with the postal service at the moment? Things that used to take ten days (from Australia to the US or vice versa) but at the moment its taking three weeks! If your book is anything to go by, do you think there are some postal workers who can’t read?

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling better. You seem very much yourself on IG…so the medication isn’t affecting you there! It’s been hot here, too–113 the last two days. We did get a little rain on Thursday which dropped the temperature about 20 degrees in ten minutes!

    This is my last week off…looks like I will have a class of just 10 students. At least there won’t be many papers to grade.

    Okay…I’m off to find that IG account you mentioned…might have to get that book as well…those blocks are beautiful!

    Take care!

  4. I live in southern CA and it’s hot. Keep taking it easy – remember how May Ellen Hopkins said something about taking time to sit back and eat an oreo before making the final cut? Now it’s time for you to just take it easy. Maybe your husband could buy a kiddy pool, fill it with water which we’re suppose to be conserving (you are – think of all the fabric you’re not buying and washing), and then you could sit in it to cool off. Glad to hear you’re making progress.

  5. It’s so good to know that throughout this ordeal you haven’t lost your sense of humor! The Chuck Nohara book looks most interesting and BTW, Memphis is the main hub for FEDEX and EVERYTHING goes through Memphis (a business lesson learned long ago). Since the USPS delivers mail in the U.S., they partner with the UPS and FEDEX of the world to get things between countries. I always enjoy watching or thinking about how things get to me from Japan, Europe or Australia and esp. when there’s been a natural disaster or something along the way. We are truly spoiled by our postal service! If it got here sooner, you would be wanting to make something instead of just petting the pictures (for now)!! Stay cool and know you’ll be hitting your stride again soon.

  6. I’m sure you infection was a bit of a setback (and a discouragement) for you, but I hope that from now on you will be seeing steady progress each week. It does sound like you are blessed with wonderful assistance – lotion on the toes and cover tucking….so sweet!

    I always enjoy tracking packages to see their journeys. You need to watch that Tom Hanks movie, Castaways, again. Talk about a long trip……

    The book looks like it is going to provide hours of entertainment for you. I can hardly wait to follow your progress. Your rosette is amazing!

  7. Happy you’re moving right along Elizabeth! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. It can be a challenge to be recuperating, not being able to go, go, go, like usual. A sweet hubby helps a lot ! Hang on to him!
    Hope you’ve gotten your book by now! Memphis is the biggest hub for fedex. I’ll bet the book just wanted to see Graceland. Which makes me jealous, I’m from Memphis, (but live in Ohio) and sheepishly tell you I’ve never been to Graceland….on the bucket list….wishing you a great week…..of cooler temps!

  8. Oh hang in there Elizabeth! You can do it. And cut yourself slack.

    My 8 year old and I love the fussy cutting on your rosette #4.

  9. the colours and shapes in your rosette #4 are so pleasingly beautiful that I would just want to leave it the way it is… so as not to distract from it. I’m sure you will carry on with it and I will be amazed with where you go with it. Glad to hear your recovery is coming along. My 3 children were all summer babies and they all ended up being born by caesarean section. So I know a little about what you are talking about dealing with feeling yuckie during hot weather. We live on a farm and harvest begins in mid to late August. When I think back about how much was being demanded of me and how little help my husband was able to give me I just have to give myself a pat on the back 🙂 I hope you will do that too and I agree with the person that said it will soon be a distant memory.

  10. LOL – yes, sometimes packages take the weirdest route. I bought some Marti Michell templates from Walmart a couple of months ago and they went all over the place before they made it to Riverside. Glad to hear you are getting better each day. Your rosettes are amazing. Doesn’t look like the meds/narcs affected your stitching at all. You are blessed with a wonderful soulmate. Prayers being said for your recovery.

  11. So glad your recovery is on track. Be as patient with yourself as you would be with a friend going through this, and you will be find yourself surprised when you realize you are pretty much recovered. Kudos to Dave for his caring!

  12. I saw and got that book while recovering also, such cute blocks. I think in Japan this was their equivalent of dear jane, so interesting to see all the quilts together Only my 2nd most expensive though, I ordered The Fabric of Society from Dr Annette Gero. It was worth it 😉 http://www.annettegero.com/
    get well soon.

  13. I’m glad to hear you’re at the end of the pain meds, they really do make most things harder. But I do hope you have some for bedtime. I would totally come and play the ukelele with you!! Shove on over, I’m diving in! 😉
    Hang in there, we’re all here for you. And remember, acidophilus and kale kale kale!!! XX!

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