Ready, Set, Begin: Summer Fun 2015

Lake Fire June 25 Map

To truly begin summer off correctly in Southern California, you need a fire, and we have a doozy of one going on right now, only a few miles from my house.  The above map, from today, shows 21% containment, and I could see clouds of billowing smoke yesterday when I went to the grocery store.  Usually we like to END our summers with a fire, but not this year, the fourth year of the drought.


So my friend and I decided to hit the road this morning, in order to recover from the ardor of Registering for QuiltCon 2016 (no, I didn’t get the Gwen Marston class), and visit the newest shop not too far from our town in the neighboring city of Temecula: Needle in a  Fabric Stash.


Our only other dedicated-modern-shop is in Los Angeles, way too far away for a casual stop, so it was nice to find out about this place.


Sue Stone, the owner, has a well-curated selection of fabrics, from Alison Glass to Cotton and Steele to Dear Stella, and isn’t locked into one line too heavily, but instead displays them to encourage mixing between the designers.

IMG_5055 IMG_5056

Some fun displays and stacks of fabrics.


The displays and patterns are well organized and encourage browsing.


Here Sue is helping a young customer choose fabrics for a quilt.

IMG_5060 IMG_5061

A nice selection of solids, plus more lines.

IMG_5062 IMG_5063 IMG_5064

Needle in a Fabric Stash is owned and managed by Sue (above).


She’s been in operation about 7 months, and has already set up some great classes.


We grabbed some lunch and kept going. . . over to Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop, not located in Wisconsin (that would have been QUITE a road trip) but in the next town up, in Murrieta.


This friendly fellow, an import from Wisconsin, helped us get signed up in their store system, and showed us around.  Since I used to live in Wisconsin, we traded that old joke about there being two seasons in Wisconsin: Construction and Winter.  I knew the one about three seasons: June, July and Winter.  He admitted that he would like to be back there during summer, but come winter. . . he was happy to be in California, where the car doors didn’t freeze shut.


As the name of the shop implies, the bulk of their fabrics are Civil War era prints, and they have lots of very cool displays.

IMG_5071 IMG_5072

The Modern Section.

IMG_5073 IMG_5074I was amazed by the teensy tumblers quilt they had on display–along with teensy precuts to go with it.


We both liked their mini tote designs–they had several.

IMG_5076 IMG_5077All in all, a good outing on a hot summer’s day!

15 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Begin: Summer Fun 2015

  1. Both look like great shops and a good break from the billowing smoke. It is awfully early for fire season to start. There seem to be a lot going on right now. Sorry you did not get Gwen’s class.

  2. What better way to escape the summer heat and impending fires than a visit or two to a quilt shop! I’m meeting a blogging friend tomorrow to do the same! But the important thing to know is….”What did you buy?”!!!! Sorry for missing out on the Gwen Marston class. Hopefully there was something else to entice you?

  3. I would love to have tagged along. They both look like great shops. That last quilt, with the one dresden, really caught my eye. I always wish I would think of ideas like that. Yeah, the fire season is off to a really bad start.

  4. I really enjoyed visiting Needle in a Fabric Stash as well and was greatly surprised/pleased with her eclectic mix of fabrics and ideas. Glad you found and enjoyed it also. Ken and I need to take a trip there soon.

  5. They both look like great shops to visit, interesting how they both have black shop fittings but it looks quite different in each shop. A real shame to miss out on the Gwen Marston class, at this stage I can only dream of going to Quiltcon (2017 maybe). Is it just me or does the fire map look as if it would make a great improv quilt?

  6. What a nice post of your great quilt stops. I like the black shelving, it really makes the fabrics shine. Both shops look large and well stocked. I do hope the fires get put out soon.

  7. Any fire where you can see the smoke is too close for comfort. But a new quilt shop makes a good distraction. Did you get other classes at QuiltCon? As excitement revs up, I’ll be getting sorry not to be going.

  8. I’m not going to Quiltcon, but I logged on last night to see which classes were left. I would have been happy with the ones I could get. Here in Ontario, we have two seasons, Winter and Mosquito season.

  9. Oh dear. Fires are very scary. I hope they keep it contained. You guys need some rain! What great looking shops. How fun to be able to shop hop with a friend. Did you buy the little tumbler package? Looks cute

  10. Thanks so much for the shop hop! It was so fun to see both stores…makes me want to get down there even more! And it was fun seeing my Pot Luck quilt hanging in the Primitive Gatherings shop!

    Stay cool…it was 117 here today!

    1. Okay–which quilt is your potluck quilt? I know it’s a dumb question, but I went scrolling through my post and wanted to know which one it was. We were there so quickly — in and out — that I bought a couple of fat quarter, snapped some photos and were off.

      117!! Ca-razy. We were 100 yesterday but I just stayed inside.


      On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 6:01 PM, OccasionalPiece–Quilt! wrote:


  11. It’s alway a pleasure to read your shop posts. I never think to take photos or even interview an owner. Not out going enough I guess. I’ma behind the scenes personality. Are you in for all of QuiltCon since it’s in your area? What are you taking? I didn’t even look at the course descriptions. Guess I could be a little tempted for a day or two but just don’t feel the motivation for another one so soon. Saving the pennies for Savannah.

  12. There’s another quilt shop in Temecula. The Temecula Quilt Company specializes in repro fabrics only. They have great mini – mystery quilts where you get a clue each Friday. I’m not a fan of repro but love all shops for their inspiration. Thanks for sharing so many photos!

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