Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks

Two Quilts_again

Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks_front

Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks
Pieced, Appliquéd and Quilted
57″ high by 53 1/2″ wide
No. 146 on my 200 Quilts List

Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks_1I went up to my university’s botanic garden to photograph these two quilts, loving the contrast of the rustic against the brightly colored blocks from my beemates in the Mid-Century Modern Bee.

Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks_detail2

I put out a call for a variety of blocks in 6″ or 9″ or 12″ sizes, and then as they came in, placed them all up on my design wall to see how they played together.  I used some of the ideas from these friends to create a few more blocks, following Carla’s lead when she created hers.  Like Carla, I also worked in the small signature blocks as part of the design.

Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks_front heroic

One day I opened a card from Rhonda, another friend back east, and she’d made me a bird block to be added to my project, as she had read my blog and wanting to contribute to my modern sampler.  So that spurred me on to making a few more birds as well.

Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks_detailThen I had to try some flowery blocks, two different kinds to go with all the other flowers, and a Dresden block, and once I got started, I also added a Road to California block (made four times so it would be big enough to add variety).  It’s kind of fun to try making all different kinds of blocks.  Finally I had enough, and the right size of blocks and I was able to sew it together.  Happily so, thinking about my good friends.

Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks_back

I saved some of the smaller blocks for the back.

Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks_label

Two quilts_2015

Two quilts with flowers

Happy Spring!  Spring into some quilting!

16 thoughts on “Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks

  1. I love your Sampler quilt Elizabeth! It’s one of those quilts I could just look at for hours, with all its variety in design and colour! The way your pieced the siggy blocks was very clever and effective too!

  2. Wow I really love your Sing-A-Song sampler Elizabeth! It is truly amazing how they all came together. I love the scrappy look. And yet it is still very unified in its style. Still amazed by your work! Well done with all the photos and thanks again for sharing!

  3. The sampler is another beautiful quilt. The colors all blend so well and your block arrangement is wonderful. I love the combination of different sizes as it makes a sampler so much more interesting. The quilting, binding and labeling it makes a perfect finish.

  4. Tadaaaaaa! Well done you : )
    It’s so very fun to look at. Happy it all went together so well. Just lovely.
    Mine hangs in my hallway and so many people comment on it. One of my daughter in laws just loves it but…….she can’t have it : )

  5. What a great sampler quilt. And having bee-mates contribute was a nice enlarging idea. I especially like the birds and flowers, though they need the traditional blocks to shine.

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