Clutch Purse and Bee Block–Feb 2015

2015 MCM Block2 February

For February’s Mid-Century Modern Bee Block, Carla asked us to make the paper-pieced birthday cake found on the Ellison Lane blog.  If you decide to make this, note that the default printer settings are quite a bit smaller, so make sure your scaling is set to 100% when you go to print it out.  It went together really easily.  Carla’s going to have a whole quilt of layer cakes.

QuiltNight feb2015The Good Heart Quilters gathered together for our monthly get-together; it was held at Charlotte’s house (upper right) and we felt well feted by her hospitality.  Lisa (above left) wore her quilty socks, and finished up Diane’s Date Night Clutch.  We had others there, too, and we were all sewing on the Date Night Clutch, however, I got to hold Caitlin’s newborn baby so she could sew.  A good choice!

Date Night Clutch Purse_1

This is the version I made from Dianne’s pattern.  I had a box way up in the closet labeled “Japanese Fabrics,” and it held cloth purchased when I went to Japan and Shanghai China about fifteen years ago, a month after 9/11.  I had put up the fabric and pretty much forgotten about it, so when I decided to see what was in there, it was a lovely surprise.

Date Night Clutch Purse_2

Why did I only buy a half-yard of this amazing red/white cotton?

Date Night Clutch Purse_3

Diane has two different versions of her clutch and this one includes the inner pocket on one side, the insert that will hold credit cards and bills, and a small zipper pocket for small items (or change?)

Date Night Clutch Purse_4

Date Night Clutch Purse_5

I’m all ready for QuiltCon now, as I have a small useful clutch to tuck in the bigger tote bags we all carry around.

Grading Feb 2015And. . . I survived the grading of their first essay.  I could tell you stories, but I don’t want to upset you if you are eating.  I have one student that I’ve picked out as the One I Teach To.  He spent a year at Cornell University before decided that it wasn’t for him (he didn’t elaborate).  He’s always prepared for class, got an A on the essay, doesn’t fall asleep, and looks interested. . . like he values his education.  See why he’s the one I’m teaching to?  I generally like all my students, although Video Zombie Boy is getting on my nerves–turning in two paragraphs four days late and telling me it was his essay.  (Right.)  I’m leaving them all behind for a couple of days while I head to QuiltCon next week.  I remind myself of the student I was working with in conference about re-writes, and after we’d finished, she blurted out “I’m going to see Wicked next week and I can hardly sleep I’m so excited!”

Yep.  That’s me!

11 thoughts on “Clutch Purse and Bee Block–Feb 2015

  1. Such a cute clutch! I made one of that sort, years ago, but I sure like this one with all the inside extras to make it quite useful. I want to see yours in person, and then I’ll have to look for that pattern. Good job with Carla’s block too. That’s gonna be a cute quilt. Can’t you just imagine all the neat quilting designs that can be done on the cake layers?! Travel safely. See you in a week! “I can hardly sleep, I’m so excited!”

  2. Ahh….the tales a teacher could write!!!

    Thaat clutch is just wonderful. The fabrics are fabulous in it and I am sure you were thrilled to find that one little special one from your trip.

  3. What a coincidence! Di commented on my blog today, saying that she knows you! Now you are mentioning her clutch pattern. These were all the rage a couple of years ago! I bought the frame but never made one! Maybe it’s time to give it a try!
    I hope QuiltCon is all you hope it to be! Wish I was there!

  4. I think your next Four In Art quilt ought to be about juxtaposition in literature learning levels. Perhaps you could call it….Zombie Boy VS Charming Cornell.

  5. Fun clutch – there’s something about all that wonderfulness INSIDE where just you can see it! And I enjoy your teaching/grading comments. You have to laugh or lose your mind. Yesterday, the faculty played Fantasy ESL at lunch: if we could magically create one new upper level class, who would we hand-pick to teach. It was a fun lunch… and then it was time for next period and reality. Enjoy QuiltCon!

  6. Reading your posts is like reading a memoir, Elizabeth. I like your clutch and love the surprises inside – yummy fabric and nifty, useful inserts. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I’m so excited about the cake block, Elizabeth! Thank you, thank you. Have a great time at Quilt Con carrying that adorable clutch. Your students are lucky to have you as their prof!

  8. oops, thought I’d commented on this post when I first read it. I want your clutch! Definitely would like to take a closer look at it at QuiltCon. With my new phone, I find I’m looking for new bags to hold everything.

  9. Your clutch turned out lovely. You have a great group of sewing friends friends. I don’t envy your paper grading duties.

  10. Your group is so blessed to have each other for you sewing group. You sound like such a wonderful group. Please keep sharing with us.

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