Criss-Cross Finished!


It all started with a request to join the Friendship X and + Swap, me digging out one lonely block from the back of the closet, marooned there from when I’d started to make the blocks but abandoned the project, and an invitation from Krista.  And now I can show you the finished quilt.

Criss-Cross_final front

Criss-Cross_draped front

Lounging around on my new gate in my re-done landscape.



To go with this scrappy quilt, I used up odds and ends of binding ends, plus cut a few more pieces here and there.

Criss-Cross_full back

The back: IKEA music fabric.


Some days you make a fancy printed label, but when the fabric is so fun with lines and notes, I think some days you should write the label.  So I did.

Criss-Cross_stained glass

The stained glass effect of the front showing through the musical back.  It’s done!
For more posts about this quilt, type “cross” into the search box on the right; you’ll get several, including one that has a diagram of the pattern I used.

This is #136 on my 200 Quilts List.




15 thoughts on “Criss-Cross Finished!

  1. Oh, I love the yellow border! Such a happy finish to a happy experience! I’ve also not seen that Ikea backing! And I too love your new header- very stylish!

  2. How lovely! The border fabric is such an unusual colors. And I’m intrigued by the backing fabric. Do you know what song it is? Have you tried playing it?

  3. Something about this quilt makes me want to sing. It could be the musical backing, but it could also be the bright fabrics that somehow fit together to well, just like notes in a song. Gorgeous quilt!

  4. A gorgeous quilt! I must get to Ikea and check out their fabric. I see such delightfully different examples on blogs just as in yours. This pattern looks like it could come together by pieacing also. Thank you for sharing.

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