Some June Bee Blocks

ABL June Block_2 2014 ABL June 2014_1 Block

For June, Celeste asked us to help her whittle down her scraps by making Bonnie Hunter’s Boxy Stars, with instructions found *here.*  I messed up sewing one corner and went into my stash (this bee sends us our fabrics) to re-do the 1/4-block I needed to.

MCM Block June 2014Linda, of our Mid-Century Modern Bee, asked us to make giant string-pieced diamonds, including a strip of orange somewhere.  It’s to help complete a quilt she started three years ago, *here.*

A good way to begin summer is by getting some sewing done.  Now maybe it’s time for a vacation?

Dilbert going on vacation


5 thoughts on “Some June Bee Blocks

  1. Beautiful blocks again : ) I need to make mine for Linda. I recently asked my boss if seeing I have worked for her for 12 years if I could take 12 weeks holiday. She didn’t go for that : /

  2. Oh Elizabeth! You’re so sweet! Thank you very much for making me two diamonds. I sure didn’t expect that. These are just perfect, and I appreciate you putting those orange strips into them. Thank you very much! You’re such a good blogger-bee-er-sharing friend!

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