Friendship Swap

Two of my Mid-Century Modern Bee buddies, Carla of Lollyquiltz and Susan of PatchworknPlay have teamed up to run a Friendship Swap of the Cross-X blocks.  I had originally pled “no way!” but then Krista of KristaStitched wrote and asked me to be her swap buddy.  How could I ever say no to Krista?  Besides I’ve had a veritable obsession with these blocks for some time, as witnessed by the evidence below:

Cross-X oldie

It’s been kicking around in the back of the closet for eons, it seems like, and I purposely left the wrinkled up template page for the full effect of ancientness. 

Text fabrics

And because I might have a wee obsession with text fabrics, I’m hoping that Krista and I can work something out so I can use these.


I did some wandering (yes, I’m avoiding the grading–how did you know?) and found a post on Mrs. Schmenkman’s Quilts blog about her foray into the Cross-X Land, and her beginning quilt.  While Carla and Susan have decided to go the coordinated route, I’m kind of liking this from-the-stash look, with light backgrounds.  So I think, yes, that’s it, and then I find this:

Cross-X Blues

All of the current rage for this came from Amy of Badskirt, who saw it in a Japanese Quilt, reverse-engineered it, and put up a tutorial.  However, if you have Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, it’s easy to find out that Nancy Cabot first published it in 1938 with the name Spool Block, # 1970 on page 248.  (For some unknown reason, I bought my book when it first came out, but even at the elevated prices of used books right now, it is worth having.  I use it a TON.)

MissRiain's Cross-X quilt(http://www.flickr.com/photos/missriain/9683609064/sizes/c/in/pool-2161187@N21/)

And this whole story goes to show you that every old will be new again.  While Amy’s block comes in at 7.5″ inches (finished), here’s templates for a 10″ block: Cross-X Blocks 10-inch and a 12″ block:  Cross-X Block 12%22 (although that feels too big too me if it’s the scrappy, cozy quilt top look you want).


Click on the links at the top of the post to see what Carla and Susan have come up with, including a Flickr Group to help keep the quilters motivated.  Krista and I are still working out the bits and pieces on how we want to do it.  Anyway, how ever you cut it or however you do it, the bottom line is to grab a quilty pal and to get going.

10 thoughts on “Friendship Swap

  1. Great post Elizabeth! You love your research, don’t you? This adds even more to such a project! I am so happy that you are joining in and I love Krista too! I look forward to seeing how you work out the details of your blocks!

  2. Oh, how fun to have you joining in, Elizabeth! It looks like you are already on your way to a good start with the blocks you already have. I do love the scrappy look and have several “favorited” on flickr. Thanks for the great info that you added about sizes etc. Would you mind sharing that on the flickr site?

  3. I have tried to track down a copy of that book, I need to check local used bookstores. The last 2 times I have gone to Utah to visit my family I have had my sister check it out of the library for me so that I could use it as a resource since my local library doesn’t have it. I can’t believe they don’t print it anymore!

  4. If anyone is interested in the Acrylic Templates for this block (either 7.5 inch finished, or 12.5 inch finished), I’ve already made some for a friend, and have listed these on my Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/SunsetSeams. Great way to quickly rotary-cut multiple layers for accuracy. Or see my blog: http://sunsetseams.blogspot.com.au/

    We can also re-size to your specifications, and add your name or initials to each piece. Laser-cut, accurate templates, made by a Quilter, for Quilters. (I love seeing the old, traditional blocks come to life with fresh, modern fabrics!). Cheers, Lisa S.

  5. Sweeeet! I’ve been chopping up my scrap bin all morning. My fingers are freezing so it’s been slow going (no, I will NOT turn on the furnace yet!) but I figure all the ironing is working in my favor. I’m all for the random scrappy look. I’ve even located some texty prints for ya!

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