Autumn Tote and Center Square

Hotel Room

This week I spent holed up in hotel room, sewing on fun things left and right.

Autumn Tote Bag

And some not so fun things, that turned out to be fun things, once they turned out.

 The Autumn Tote (above) is one of the fun things that turned out quickly.  It was my second time making this pattern, and I was able to use what I’d learned last time and make the needed tweaks to the pattern so it turned out much faster in the sewing time.

Autumn Tote Bag_3

This is the class sample for the class I’ll be teaching on October 22, Tuesday evening from 6-8:30 p.m., if you are in the area.  I’ll be teaching it at Bluebird Quilts in Grand Terrace, California (phone number is 909-514-0333).  I love the rich tones of autumn in this piece.  This tote is big enough that I can get my iPad in here with no problem.

Autumn Tote Bag Interior

If you decide to make it, pick something fun and whimsical for the interiors!

Juxtaposition in process

Full reveal comes in a future post, but finally! I was able to move this quilt from Problem Child to Model Student.  It all came because of a comment on my post from Linda, who noted that besides all the other things I mentioned, the ferns were headed in the wrong direction.  A redraw, and a few other tricks which I’ll mention later, and I was on my way.  Here it is in an interim step, threads hanging out and everything!

Pacific Grove

Tomorrow we leave from home after one last walk along the beach here in Pacific Grove (California), watching the colors on the rocks change as the sun rises.  It’s been a lovely time.

11 thoughts on “Autumn Tote and Center Square

  1. Well, that tote is just grand, inside and out!!! And the ferm and camellia are outstanding, so glad it worked out. My theory is “keep ’em guessing” so it will be a while before I tackle any identifiable form!

  2. Isn’t it nice to go away and be able to sew without the normal interruptions? Your tote is great. I really like the pattern. Wish I didn’t live so far and could attend the class. I have yet to make anything more than a tote bag with the corners sewn to make a boxy tote. Also, the ferns are so nice. The shoreline in California looks so inviting.

  3. Your quilting is so awesome, Elizabeth, and I just love the lining contrast! I’m so happy to hear that you are healed enough to enjoy walks on the beach even! Yay!

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