Saturday Check-in

Four-In-Art quilts hung up

We put the Four-In-Art Quilts up above my window in my sewing room.  I like seeing them all lined up.  I don’t really live in a jungle.  It just looks like it from this window, with the mature trees in the background, the silk oak tree on the side, and my wild wisteria vines in the foreground.

Sewing skirts

I keep putting this off, but I’m desperate for a new skirt for school.  Anna Maria Horner’s feathers in linen-cotton need to be sewn up.

Lori Holt's newest

Fabricworm is tempting me with their Bundles Sale.  I have this in the basket as well as as:

ContempoDwellingsGuestHouseContempo, Dwellings in the Guest House colorations, and. . .


Tule by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery.

Whether or not I’ll press “purchase” remains to be seen, but it’s fun to look at what’s new and do some dreaming!  What are you doing?

13 thoughts on “Saturday Check-in

  1. Your quilts look good up there over your window. I would love to live in the jungle, like in the old old (now mostly inappropriate) movies, can you just imagine. Anyway your garden is looking lush. I am making quilt backs and then I am determined to baste and get started quilting before the day is over.

  2. Oh my goodness….those are wonderful bundles!! I like the nice big window above your machine. I am working on cutting out new projects. I usually do 8 or so at a time.

  3. I always have a long list of bundles in my shopping cart! I just got some Gracie Girl and it’s beautiful. I like your view and your quilt display. Off to finish binding a quilt.

  4. Don’t your Art quilts look wonderful together! I think your new skirt will be beautiful in the AMH linen! Go on- press ‘purchase’! You know you want to…..

  5. I like the little quilts above the window. Great idea.

    Those fabrics are pretty yummy looking. I vote for hitting the “purchase” button.

  6. I am sitting in Starbucks drooling over the bundles in your cart.. I just dropped off destash bundles at the post office so technically I have money. But I’m determined to stay strong! Which means I should stop reading blogs. It always gets me in trouble…

  7. Sometimes just putting the fabric in the cart is enough.
    FYI: I found some older DS Quilts fabric on clearance at my local Joanns for $3.50 a yard during their labor day sale. Just in case you need more fabric. 🙂

  8. I was less restrained than you. Maybe because I saw the fabric in person. I went for red and yellow and also got green, orange, brown, and purple. You never know when they will disappear.

  9. Great way to display the minis!!! I have more windows than wall space in my studio so for now they hang on the chandalier. And about those bundles — I always feel somewhat guilty leaving anything in the cart, figuring it messes up the inventory at the “shop” — clearly I need to get over THAT!

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