WIP–Bee Blocks (post revised)

UPDATE: I’ve revised this post, because this morning I realized that TODAY is Wednesday, not yesterday (when I’d originally written it: we’re a little foggy on life over here), so today I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.


I joined a new bee (newby! newby!). I am honored to be included in the Always Bee Learning bee, and the first block’s fabrics have arrived to be sewn (they have different rules than the Mid-Century Modern bee).  But Linda’s blocks for the MCM bee still hadn’t been made, and I like to honor my deadlines.

sewing situation

So I gimped down to the sewing room, pulled out a drawer and put a pillow on it for the left foot, got out my portable iron and pad and put it on the table on the right.  I figured it was good to be sewing as long as I wasn’t putting any weight on the foot, right?  (I’m really hoping that MY idea of “partial weight-bearing” agrees with the doctor’s).

Linda block 2

But had to stand for a few minutes on my right leg while I cut the strips, then I sat and sewed.  And twisted to iron, but finished up one block before dinner.

Lindas block signature

After dinner I finished the other one (normally we only do one, but everyone else was doing two and I didn’t want to be a slacker);  I packaged it to mail tomorrow, hopefully making it to Florida by July 1st.  That small block in the front?  We do signature blocks with our Mid-Century Modern (MCM) bee.


This is what Linda is doing with them: using them to border another set of blocks from another bee.  She says she’s stuck about what to do in the corner–maybe a rounded version of the stack?–so if you have any ideas, head over to her blog and leave her a comment. It’s always interesting to see our bee blocks being used.  Another quilter in this bee finished up her quilt (scroll down to the Mid-Century Modern quilt in neutral fabrics); I hope when it’s my turn I can be as successful.

As I lay in bed yesterday, I did make a button for that new bee:


At least I can be somewhat productive when I lay around here.

Village Faire pinned

What else am I working on?  Well, another July 1st deadline is for this month’s Schnibbles quilt.  My husband brought up a camp chair (small chair we use when we go camping) and I could slide it in the cubby hole of my sewing desk, and yes, I did get some of that top quilted last night.  While I can only quilt for a short while, it feels good to be productive and to see a quilt take shape.

hanging Kaleidoscope Quilt

Thanks, all, for your nice comments about Kaleidoscope (in previous post).  My husband hung it up in the hallway this morning.  It brings a smile to my face as I slowly make my way up the stairs.  Here it is again:

Kaleidoscope Front

Final thought: Happy Birthday, Rhonda!  You are an inspiration, always.

10 thoughts on “WIP–Bee Blocks (post revised)

  1. I adore Kaleidoscope (loved THAT post) and it’s a perfect focal point. And I cannot wait to see the out come of the strip blocks for the bee – how interesting! So glad to see you’re really on the mend, just don’t overdo!

  2. You need a photo of yourself in that creative sewing position. I think you are a die-hard quilter. Of course, I thought that before, but your determination to get your blocks done on time cements it.

  3. My goodness girlfriend…you just can’t sit still, can you? Neither can I!! Like your pink/gray blocks. Your Schnibbles quilt looks really Fun.

  4. I’m impressed with your sewing abilities under the circumstances. Hope you’re back up and fully functioning soon. And yes, your quilt is gorgeous! I loved that post.

  5. Your mid-century modern blocks are lovely, and they make an amazing border for that quilt. I love the look of your Schnibbles quilt too – that comma print is a favourite of mine! And your kaleidoscope quilt is stunning – thanks for commenting on my blog because it has meant I have discovered your blog. I’m off to look at some more of your work now.

  6. Thank you so very much for the blocks you sent me, Elizabeth. They arrived, and I sure like them. The colors are great, and your construction is perfect. I really appreciate that you made two – while disabled! – and that you remembered to include a siggie block. (A few bee-ers have forgotten.) I’m looking forward to your month and returning the favor.

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