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Holiday Quilt Night for the Good Heart Quilters

I’m sure I’ve told you, but our little quilt group–named The Good Heart Quilters–began when Lisa, majorly pregnant with her second daughter, enlisted my help (as well as few others) to get us all together to sew.  Our first quilt night was December of that year, and just about every month after that we loaded up our sewing machines, rulers, mats and rotary cutters on the first Friday and sewed until the caffeine from our stash of Coke and root beer wore off and we headed home, usually in the wee hours of the morning.

QuiltNightGang 12_12

Fast foward sixteen years.  Lisa is in the middle in the brown vest and still looks as young as she did that night (and by the way, she had her baby the next day).  We have some new Good Heart Quilters, but it’s fun to have this gang hang together as long as we have.  In the middle next to Lisa is Cindy of Live a Colorful Life, who joined us for the party (and stayed with me for the weekend). And now, everyone was cleared out by 10:30 p.m.


Leisa and I hosted this gig, and she arrived early to give my tired Christmas wreath a makeover.  Thanks, Leisa, it looks terrific (I didn’t get wreath-making DNA).



We set up two long tables, plus had the one in the kitchen, ready to go.  I hate juggling too many utensils, so Cindy and I set them out.  Cindy had arrived the day before, and that morning we had done a little shop-hop, but were back in time to set up the party.  I’d cooked up a slew of my mother’s chili on Thursday (because chili always tastes better the next day), Leisa brought rolls and sodas, and everyone brought the toppings.


Leisa found these sweet pincushions for everyone, and together we sewed a bunch of zippered pouches to give out as gifts (below).



Bethany brought two kinds of cupcakes: chocolate and white.


And she brought one of her first sewing projects to show us: a cute Christmasy pillowcase.


The chili and all the fixins.  Karen brought us some vegan chili, as we have a couple of women who are watching what they eat.  I like that our group changes and flexes to our needs.


Quilters in the kitchen. . .


. . . and the dining room.


After dinner and visiting, we got to work.  Lisa brought a yo-yo project and everyone helped.


Bridget curled up in a red chair to sew on her red/white quilt.


Simone’s working on her apple core quilt.  Someone commented that she seemd to have dressed to match what she was working on, but she denied any overt connection.


Kelly, who came just for a little holiday cheer and destressing, quickly joined us in visiting.


Tauni has finished two quilts–the one above, and the one below.



Tauni and Sara.


JoDy is getting the binding on a zoo-themed quilt.


Jean helped Lisa with the yo-yo project and in the background, Carol listens intently.


Cindy and Laurel talk shop: Farmer’s Wife blocks.  Seeing those blocks all together was really stunning.  It’s hard to appreciate them only on the blog.  I got a closer look the next day, when Cindy and I decided we’d had enough running around and hunkered down to sew.


This is the string of them, coming off the machine.  She was bordering them, but I kept finding ones that I loved.


Like this one.  Almost thou dost persuade me to make my own set, Cindy.  Almost. But I think I’ll just admire yours.


I got busy on the shams to go with the Christmas Star Quilt that I’d made a couple of years ago.  I did want to get these done last year, but we went to Ohio for Christmas, and then there was that cancer surgery thing I had to go through (I’m fine) but it sure disrupts a life.  So, better late than never. I’m guest-hosting at Lee’s Freshly Pieced Blog on Wednesday, so check back then for the finished reveal on the shams.

Sunday morning, the weekend with Cindy came to an end, when I drove her down to the train station to catch her ride home.  We were early, so sat and talked quilting stuff: blogs, creativity, challenges, feelings of inadequacy, and the impact of online distraction.  From our conversation, I have enough ideas for many more posts.  I appreciate my quilting friends–both those that I have had for many months and years–as well as those I meet online.


P.S.  Those of you who read my blog through your readers, click through to see the new Christmas banner at the top of my blog.  Some of these photos were taken when we lived in Virginia and are trees found around Washington DC during the holidays.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Quilt Night for the Good Heart Quilters

  1. Love, love the new banner! And I love that this group has been together for 16 years – most admirable in this day and time. That 2 of my favorite bloggers stayed together for this event, how fun!!! Thanks for sharing and now we know the rest of the story on that stash of zippers.

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