I had need to buy a passel of zippers (don’t ask questions around Christmastime!) and found a great online source I thought I’d share (and no, they aren’t paying me to write this).

It’s called Zipperstop.  I navigated to the photo above (under “closed zippers,” then “lightweight,” then “skirt and dress assortment”), which is an illustration of their 50-pack of zippers.  I only needed 25, and I needed them in rainbow colors.  I called the company (they’re in New York) and the person that answered the phone said to leave a note at checkout–there will be a box in which I could write them a note.  So I asked for an assortment of rainbow colors, which you see in the top photo.  I’m very happy with my zipper stash, and now wish I’d bought the full 50, as it’s such a deal (and they are high quality zippers).  Price? Very good, but  don’t forget that there is shipping.  Overall, it’s WAY cheaper than my big box fabric store.

Plus I like talking to people from New York.  They make my California accent sound bland.  But I do have to say that when I lived there, my neighbor came over that first week, and she was from Brooklyn.  We talked and she was lots of fun, so I told her I was trying to figure out where her accent came from.  “Accent?” she said.  “You’re the one with the accent.”

What else did I do this week?

1.  Graded my brains out (example of a guy-staple job on the corner of stack of papers)

2.  Took my quilt in to be quilted at Cathy’s

3.  Got rid of a sofa, got the carpets cleaned, and went to IKEA four times rounding up furniture (that includes returns and re-purchases of wrong items)

4.  Bought fabric.  This one’s from IKEA.  I think I’m the last to know about their fabric department but I have to say my husband was beyond patient while waiting for me to stop noticing bolts of fabric.

5.  Had Autumn.  This is it.  This one tree.  Hope you enjoyed the show as next week it will be summer again (we’ve had temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s this week–83 degrees on Thanksgiving, which is just un-American).

6. Had Thanksgiving.  And given the regularity of seeing the leftovers at mealtime, I’d say we’re still having it.  But last night we went out for Thai, today for lunch we just about killed the leftovers, so things are looking up in the meal department.  But it was a good feast and a lot of family put their feet under our table.

I’m completely in a L-tryptophan high, except for the fact that there are 12 boxes of Christmas sitting in front of the cars, waiting for someone to do something about it.

6 thoughts on “Zippers

  1. Thanks for the tip on the zips. I have decided no sewing Christmas presents this year. I admit that may change in the next three weeks, however.
    I am heading to IKEA Tues, I will have to see if they have the music fabric. I LOVE IT. I get to IKEA about twice a year, as its not particularly close to us. Hopefully I’ll get more commenting and posting done now that tech husband has done some work on my computer.

  2. So do you think that the guy was panicking over the staples, heart in his mouth that he had the assignment due and could not staple right or that he was all hey dude, staples are so stupid? My kid is in university and some times he is the first and sometimes the second, it is so hard for some kids to settle into these things. I love the zippers.

  3. what fun zippers, looking forward to seeing what you make!
    So funny, after 3 days of Thanksgiving leftovers we ordered Thai on Sunday for dinner.
    Ikea is so fun, isn’t it? good luck building everything

  4. Cool! I should get some zippers, been getting the pouch/purse bug again. My carpets could use a good cleaning, it’s been a good six months. Thanks for bragging about the weather you’re having, I’m scraping ice off my car in the morning and leaving work after dark… Oh how I dislike wintertime! Gives me the blues, really. But I just come home and hop in my sewing room for a bit and all the cheery colors pep me right up!

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