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Undead Bee

I had just about given up hope — no, I HAD given up hope of our Far Flung Bee block exchange ever finishing its run, so I put up a note on Flickr.  So I was pretty excited today to get a wee package in the mailbox, all the way from New Zealand.

Inside were there incredibly cute Bee Blocks from Deb.  Ah, Deb, they are wonderful!  I like the accent of the dark text block in the center of the tulip–a variation I hadn’t seen before.  I think that’s the beauty of Bee Blocks.  Each quilter brings her own vision and stash to the creation of a block, and that’s why I was pretty dejected when I wrote on our Flickr group that I thought the our bee had joined the dead.

I think some of our members have struggled with deadlines because of busy family lives, which can also include full-time employment, a full load of classes at school and other life-absorbing experiences.  But have you been in a bee that sort of petered-out?  How did you feel about it?  Do you stay away from Bees?  Join them whenever you can?  Love the interaction?  Bemoan that you’re not getting your “own stuff done” because of all the bee blocks you agreed to crank out?

So, Bee Block Exchanges.  Love ’em?  Hate ’em?  And why?

4 thoughts on “Undead Bee

  1. You know all the bees I have been in have been good. The odd person has disappeared but then we all just moved on and people covered the gaps and caught others up and it has been fine. I have to start making bee block quilts with the blocks. Putting up a note is a good thing, rather than just letting it all just slide away without any discussion.

  2. One of our on-line groups had a group of “angels”…if someone dropped out or couldn’t complete a leg of the bee, the angel would step in and fill the gap or cover the missing bit. Great for those who wanted to be part, but really didn’t want any more projects of their own.

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