New Theme for Four-in-Art

While we are still figuring out the rules and learning our way around this little group, it’s my turn to choose the sub-theme to our grand theme of “Nature.”  I’ve gone back and forth between three different ideas, and while I won’t name the other two just in case they pop into someone else’s head, I’ve chosen “Tree.”

We all have memories of trees that we’ve climbed, going up high secure in the branches to touch the clouds, or merely to hide away from doing chores.  I’ve planted more than my fair share of saplings, skinny and pliable in the wind.  During the holidays many of us will decorate trees and with trees, bringing winter scenes into our homes.  Our autumn colors arrive in January, when the liquid amber trees turn a bright rusty red, like a belle-of-ball who arrived too late for Northern fall colors.

January in Washington, DC found me photographing stark limbs, their branches like sculptures marching down the National Mall.

Yet I also love the cherry tree’s shy blossoms of pink and white, and then all the spring trees unfurling their green buds to summer’s fat wide leaves, shading me on a hot summer’s day.

But I also think of family trees, of generations linked by blood and branches.  (This is a picture of my son Matthew, his lovely wife Kim and their four daughters.)

So, there’s the new theme.  Let’s see where we go. Reveal date is February 1st.

2 thoughts on “New Theme for Four-in-Art

  1. Wonderful theme. I can think of many times trees played an important part in my life, and I love that you included that final picture as part of your “tree.”

  2. Oddly enough, I was kinda hoping you would choose “tree”! Since I live in the trees, so to speak, and talk to them often (especially before hurricanes – just to remind them they are my friends!), I think this theme is laced with possibilities!

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