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Quilt Night and Black & White Winners

As promised, last night Simone’s daughter Camille helped me pick the winners for the Black and White Giveaway.  I’m terrible at picking winners because I want everyone to win.  So to take it out of my hands and back into the hands of Random (without that hideous Random Number Generator which I am convinced HATES me), I cut up all the names and put the names of my followers/Google readers into my Peter Rabbit lunchbox.

Who is it?

“CSL,” Camille says.  I started laughing.  My friend Tracy asks, “What?”
“That’s my sister,” I said.  “What are the chances?”

I threw in all the names for the next drawing, followers/readers and those who left a comment.

Camille stirred them around several times, then wiggled her hand in deep and pulled out a slip.

“Devon?” she says.  “Who is Devon?”

So, Cynthia and Devon, congratulations!  I can see I need to have more of these now I’ve found a way to draw names with Camille’s help.  Thank you Camille!  UPDATE: I’ve also selected two more winners, surprise!, because you know I just hate to turn anyone away. So check your email to see if you have a message from me.   The prizes?  Another stack of black and white from my own stash, plus a chunk of the Keep Calm and  Quilt On, in colors!  Once I get the photos done, I’ll post those.

Now a look around at Quilt Night.  Caitlin is coming down the home stretch on her Christmas Stockings.  That zig-zag quilt you see in the front?  That’s Deneese’s project.

Here she is with lovely Simone, who finally gave me a real smile so she could get her photo up on the blog (I don’t like to post photos of people with weird expressions, caught in mid-blink, and I seemed to get a lot of those last time.  Simone just moves too fast!).  Deneese is actually celebrating tonight because she made her through her first Potty Training Experience.  That is significant.  Congratulations on your kid’s dry pants, a big moment for the child, but a HUGE moment for the Mom.

This is Bridget’s quilt.

Now she’s back!

Her mom’s quilt is all laid out.  Lisa is another one that moves fast, so I didn’t get a picture of her.  Well, I tried, but the light was lower and so they were all blurry.  Next time.

Tauni also joined us last night, a bit late, so I pulled this photo off of Facebook so you could see what she finished last month: a quilt for her sister-in-law who is battling cancer.  It’s raw-edge appliqué, both in the words and the hearts and flowers.

And that’s Quilt Night for October!

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